Admin Rules are rules for admins, of course.

These rules are only for admins. Normal users should go to the Rules page.

Admins, please note that you must also follow the regular rules, as well as these, except for when admins are exempt, as detailed on the Rules page.


Editing Rules

1. Admins may edit the Rules page at their leisure. However, they should use common sense and keep in mind the purpose of the wiki when adding rules. All new rules should be approved by the Founder as soon as possible.

2. As of right now, all admins may edit the Admin Rules. However, use common sense, and all rules added must be approved by the Founder. Later, it may be changed that only higher-level admins, or just the Founder can edit the Admin Rules.


Editing Rules

1. Adding ridiculous or unclear rules will result in a reprimand or warning by a higher-level admin. Constantly adding ridiculous rules, after several warnings, will result in demotion, whether temporary or permanent. Forgetting to get your rules approved by the Founder is only deserving of a warning, but please remember to do it.

2. Adding ridiculous admin rules will result in one warning, then temporary demotion. Forgetting to get your rules approved by the Founder will result in two warnings, then temporary demotion. Please tread carefully when editing this page.