This is where you may apply to become an admin/moderator/rollback/chat moderator, to do so you must Note WildgirlN on deviantART with the filled out application sheet. If you do not have a dA and cannot make one, please comment on wildgirlN's message wall and we can work out an alternate method of communication. The questions regard rules, your capability and any other information needed.

Any cheating (messaging users the answers) will be punished by both parties being banned and never allowed to become admins on this wiki again. In addition, trying to get the answers out of others is also punishable by ban. Lying in any of the questions will be punished by ban and you will not be able to apply again also. Lastly, you can only apply once every three days.

Not all of the answers are in the rules, and some will test your own personal moral code. Please keep this in mind.

Not all applicants will become admin, even if all of the answers are correct. Results can be affected by whether you follow rules or not.

Honestly, in order to be admin, you need to be trusted. After several widespread acts of vandalism at the hands of admins, we're quite suspicious about people we allow to be admin.

Generally, WildgirlN will handle the judging of the application forms. However, in certain cases, Aqua may judge the form instead (such as if Wild's sister applies.)

Passing Grades

Yes, we're strict.

Admin: Pass all application questions correctly, pass background check

Discussion Moderator: Pass all application questions correctly

Rollback or Chat Moderator: Pass 75% of application questions correctly

Application Sheet

User Info-


Country: (We need this for timezone reasons)

Age: (No exacts, if you are 6-12 write "child" if 13-16 write "teen" if 16+ write "Young adult to adult")

Any Relatives On The Wiki? If So, Who?:

What position(s) do you want?: (Options: Bureaucrat, Admin, Forum Moderator, Rollback, Chat Moderator)


Q1: A user has posted a "theme song" on their character's page that is actually a screamer. What are the appropriate actions?


Q2: You find out that a user has two accounts on the wiki. What are the appropriate actions?


Q3: A person keeps posting comments of behalf of a banned friend on the wiki. What are the appropriate actions?


Q4: You find that someone is using swear words without a Mature Content tag on their userpage. What are the appropriate actions?


Q5: After leaving a warning on someone's talk page for making irrelevant thread titles, the person deletes your post without responding. What are the appropriate actions?


Q6: Two people are fighting because they both ship their FCs with Sonic. What are the appropriate actions?


Q7: A person keeps making recolor characters and posting them on the wiki. They have been warned once and are still continuing their behavior. What are the appropriate actions?