Adolf is an Hedge-Dragon who is best friends with Vivi the Cat. He Belongs to User:MinecraftFan11onScratch.

Adolf the Hedge-Dragon

Base by SparBases on Deviantart


Name: Adolf Strike Light

Age: 9

Species: Hedge-Dragon (3/4 Hedgehog,1/4 Dragon)

Gender: Male

Alligment: Good


Adolf is very dependent, mischievous, playful, and a bit annoying. But he's also understanding, kind, and very willing to share. Adolf stays very sad if something bad thing happens to his friends. Adolf is one of the few people that can support Vivi's shyness. Also, Adolf is very friendly to Vivi. Adolf becomes very ashamed if his pants go down and he has to pull them back up.


Adolf does not exactly have powers: His only power is a back attack with shadows that are able to knock out an opponent without harming them. Also, Adolf has a lot strength, with the capacity to lift things much larger than him. Adolf can shield himself with his pants, and has a very powerful Low Kick attack.


Adolf was one of the younger members of his family. Adolf was just a normal Mobian child until he met Vivi. Vivi's horns detecting the kindness in Adolf, so Vivi stayed near Adolf. The two became best friends.

Recently, Adolf adventuring with Vivi to stop Mimic. Adolf and his family are considered to be pure hedgehogs, and he was lucky not to be one.



  • Amir the Hedge-Dragon (Brother)


  • Vivi the Cat (Best Friend)
  • Nina the Cat (Normal Friends)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (Canon-Character)


  • Knux the Echidna (Canon-Character)


  • Mimic the Hedgehog (Main Enemy 1)
  • Eggman (Main Enemy 2)


Main Theme Song

NiGHTS Lucid Dreaming- I'll Fly You

NiGHTS Lucid Dreaming- I'll Fly You

Stage Theme Song

Fighting is Magic - Big Macintosh Theme

Fighting is Magic - Big Macintosh Theme

Boss Theme Song

MLP Fighting is Magic - Oni Stage Theme

MLP Fighting is Magic - Oni Stage Theme


  • He Have His Appearence and Power/Ability's Based on the Pokémon "Scraggy".
    • Also,He Is 1/4 Dragon Due to Scraggy Being an Pokémon that Is Like an Dragon