Alice "Lucy Lionrage" the Lion


"I don't want, nor do I need, sympathy. I am fine as I am."

"A lion is supposed to be fearsome and tough, with a loud roar, but I'm none of those things..."

Basic Information

Name: Alice

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Animal: Lion

Alignment: Neutral

Past History

Alice, formerly known as Lucy Lionrage by her family, was young when she was expelled from her home. The family, nicknamed The Terror Family, aligned with malice and authority and saw none of of that in the young Lucy, and as such thought that a stern push would get her to fit the role. Sending her off to the mountains of the Leijos(Le-ee-hos) they tasked the cub to bring back the head of a prey underling, instructing her that she may never return without one. And so, she took to heart the threat and took on to leave and never return.

Life wasn't easy for the cub, and in the eyes of death she found an ally to help her live a little longer. A bunny named Connie brought her back from the brink of death by taking her in her home. And so all became well.

Or at least for a moment, a year after moving in with her friend and finally opening up to her the truth was revealed and Connie revealed herself to have been plotting something all along and was merely stringing Lucy along to achieve it. She wanted nothing more than to take down the family. Though after seeing the family give no mind to Connie's claims of having captured the cub, she decided there is no use for Lucy and plotted to kill her instead.

Though through her fight to end the lion, Connie was killed by a piercing arrow coming from an unknown source.

After this, Lucy changed her name to Alice, and erased her past. And now remains a reclusive wanderer.


Yellow base with purple eyes and a black hair streak. She wears a black hoodie and pants, occasionally sporting her glasses as well.


After her bad experience, she is reclusive and quiet. She is reluctant to socialize, though not of malice, but of fear.


She has the ability of Cosmic Awareness, though unfortunately it came in later on in life, and as such she is aware that her mind is on a ticking time clock heading towards insanity.

She is able to become aware of something that will affect her, like major things like if someone is going to kill her or even minor things like an illness within her.

Though it merely grants awareness, and does not guarantee her the ability to avoid it, or help to be able to.

Because this came later in life, she is slowly driving herself into paranoid induced insanity.