Fan Character Review Amanita The Dove

Fan Character Review Amanita The Dove

it'd take too long to explain why she's here. so take this.

Amanita is a white and red dove with blue eyes. She is madly in love with Jet the Hawk and accidentily ends up calling him cute or hot a lot. 
  • Recolored from Wave
  • Jet flirting with Amanita, by YuriFangal-3 on Scratch
  • Recolored from Amy Rose
  • By MissAquaAnime, base by jade105 on deviantART
  • Blinking icon by MissAquaAnime
  • Jet: It's freezing... *shivers* Amanita: Here, borrow my scarf. (By MissAquaAnime, base by RannaNeko on deviantART)
  • Recolored from Amy
  • Recolored from Amy by RedEyedMedic
  • Hands and eyes traced from Blaze, background by some other dude (HOLY FLIP THIS ACTUALLY LOOKS LIKE A MOBIAN INSTEAD OF A DERPY HUMAN :O MY ART IS IMPROVING. XD)
  • Amanita's Sonic Riders outfit. Base by Crazzy-Glazi on deviantART


Amanita is normally kind. She never seems to lose her temper, acting quite mellow. She is calm, friendly and caring.

Amanita is suprisingly sensitive, but only in happiness and sadness - not in anger, she has never lost her temper one bit (other than when she turned into Nightmarita). If someone insults her, she will cry.

Amanita is also rather shy. She is also rather naive and clumsy.


Amanita is white with red at the edge of her side parting, also having red at the ends of her tail. She has a long woolen scarf, with a white and black stripey pattern. She also has socks that appear to be the same material as the scarf - her socks reach up to her her knees. She has red boots with black laces. She also has a denim skirt, a red long-sleeve sweater, and black fingerless gloves, with a "hole" in the middle of it, resembling biker gloves. Having the scarf, boots, socks and sweater, she seems to be looking a little bit like she is from the snow, although it's just her style, she isn't actually cold all the time. But at the same time, she doesn't appear to get hot, so it's assumed that she is always the right temprature. Finishing off, finally, she has blue eyes that are often referred to as "the perfect blue eyes", and also having red eyeshadow.


Jet the Hawk

As stated before, she is madly in love with Jet. Jet also shows a liking for her too - he shows a lot more respect for her then he usually would to another Mobian, but still acts his rude, greedy self, just not as much to her.

Soundbarrier the Fox

Friends. For info on how they became friends look at his page.


  • Amanita's name comes from the mushroom, Amanita Muscaria. While her name was intended to be based off of the mushroom, coincidentily her colors also resemble the mushroom a slight bit, being both Amanita the Dove and Amanita Muscaria have red and white as the two main colors.
  • Jet and Amanita eventually become a couple and have kids. (hatersgonnahatelel)
  • Amanita's favorite color is white, and she says she loves it because it's "The color of a beautiful angel's wings; so pure".
  • If Amanita becomes extremely depressed, she will become evil and turn into Nightmarita.


Is Amanita a mary sue? (I think she is... o.O)

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