Untitled drawing by wildgirln-d8subxy

Artist's interpretation of Elizabeth stealing center stag--I mean, posing for the camera.

What's This?

I figured we needed a contest for choosing the character in the background. (This contest is run by ElectricSparx. Although there's basically an unspoken expectation for WildgirlN to make the actual background since ES doesn't know how.)

How Does This Work?

Submit the character you want to have featured in the background in the comments section. Every Saturday, I'll use my randomizer to pick who the lucky winner is.


1. You can't submit the same character twice in a row.

2. No characters from the shame board. I think this should be obvious, but just in case any wise guys think of submitting joke characters.

3. This contest is not rigged. As a professional, I do not let personal opinion bias my final decision.

4. If a certain character has won quite often, they will have less of a chance of winning, in order to keep things fair.

Contestants for January 17th-24th

Snowflake the Mink   

Dusk The Sky Spirit


Tesla The Hedgehoog

Winner for January 17th-24th


Contestants for January 24th-31st

Spicy the Fox Spirit the Cat Cythan Algato

Winner for January 24th-31st

Cythan Algato

Contestants for Februrary 20th-27th

Winner for February 20th-27th

Dusk the Cat

Contestants for May 2-9

Winner for May 2-9

Misteria the Hedgewolf