"Hows my Special Boy?" - Chika Speaking to Finn

Chika Error Chisomo
Chika is a WIP/Unfinished

Basic Info

Name: Chika Error Afolayan

Species: Tiger

Age: 22

Occupation: Stay at home mom

Alignment: Neutral Good

Fav Song: Tetris Theme - Korobeiniki [Piano Tutorial (Synthesia)

Theme: Lucky by Lucky Twice

Nickname: Momma(Finn)

Relationship Status: Married to Okoro


Chika has orange fur and grey stripes; She wears a light orange shirt that covers up all the stripes on her arms except for two of them, along with her shirt she wears light aqua shorts that covers most of her stripes on her legs except for four and finally she has a pair of kind-of-faded-lime shoes. She has a kind of lighter color of orange for her hair color and she has olive green eyes with a small streak of brown.


Chika is sweet, caring, adventurious, imaginative and she can be overprotective


Chika was born in Cherrytown, when she was 8 she met Feather on a trip to Koda and became pen pals. When Chika was 13 she got a part time job as a researcher; when she was 15 she met Okoro in Koda on a research trip, they ended up dating and she moved in with Feather to be closer to him. They ended up marrying at 18 and at 19 she had Finn.



Likes and Dislikes


- Impala Lilies

- Her Parents

- Oroko and Finn

- Feather

- Chao


- Burglars

- Danger

- Extinction(the word and the meaning)


Feather Impala Ihejirika:

Feather and Chika are best friends and former pen pals, they also used to be roommates.

Family Relationships

Rain Cloudancer Chisomo:

Rain is Chika's Dad, he still lives in Cherrytown.

Cedar Cosmic Chisomo:

Cedar is Chika's Mom, She still lives in Cherrytown.

Okoro Tenjai Afolayan:

Chika's Husband, they love each other a lot, they currently live in Koda together.

Finn Lycaon Afolayan:

Chika's Son, She loves him so much and spends most of her time with him.