ChristmasSnow the Cat is an Christmas cat created by User:MinecraftFan11onScratch.

ChristmasSnow the Cat

ChristmasSnow Main Pic (Created on MissAquaAnime's Sonic Female Char Creator)

Basic Info

ChristmasSnow is eleven years old. She is the Cat of Christmas.


ChristmasSnow is a very kind cat, mostly for the Mobians that love Christmas, but doesn't like the Shadow Spirits.


ChristmasSnow is known because she has blue and cyan in all over her body (Boots,Gloves,Skin...), Except in her eyes (Pink), Shirt (Gray), and Pants (Dark Blue).


Topaz the Hedgehog

ChristmasSnow's best friend is Topaz. They like to be united during Christmas.


ChristmasSnow is very agile and has the abilities of a Swordswoman.

ChristmasSnow's weapons is snow balls and a snow sword.

ChristmasSnow can make snow, ice, and Christmas-related objects.

Her Stage in Games

ChristmasSnow's stage in games was an animated speedway with a Christmas/Winter Theme. Her background theme was an ice palace with an cavernous theme. In racing games, the ChristmasSnow stage has slippery ground that only ChristmasSnow the Cat can pass with security.


ChristmasSnow in the past was an normal cat. One day, she found a potion and touched it. The potion made her appear as she does now, and gave her powers. So, she turned an "Christmas Cat" (An Cat of Christmas/An Cat that has Christmas Powers).

Theme Songs

Normal Themes


12. Elsa and Anna - Frozen (OST)

Winter Sleep-0

Winter Sleep-0

(This is Also Her Intro theme =/)

Her Stage Theme in Platform Games

Dream Bells

Dream Bells

Her Stage Theme in Fighting/Race Games

MLP Fighting is Magic - Fluttershy Stage Theme-1

MLP Fighting is Magic - Fluttershy Stage Theme-1

Fighting/Boss Theme

The Dragon Gave a Loud Scream - In Holy Night

The Dragon Gave a Loud Scream - In Holy Night

Ending Theme

-EVENT- Twinke Star

-EVENT- Twinke Star


  • ChristmasSnow tries to avoid the Fire Mobians. (She is Weak Versus Fire)
  • ChristmasSnow, amazingly, was a fan of WinterWind the Hedgehog