I like you You 39 re crazy as well YAY We 39 re go

"I like you! You're crazy as well! YAY! We're gonna get along AWESOMELY!" -Cocoa meeting Future

Cocoa is a brown female dog with cream markings. She is voiced by User:MissAquaAnime.
Dog FC with background

Recolored from Cream


Cocoa is often described as crazy and fun. And that's how she is. I CAN'T TYPE PERSONALITIES ;-;

She's also a little tomboyish because she has almost nothing girly about her. She's also sassy and adventerous. i cant make chars anymore ;-; Cocoa is also very happy when she meets new friends.


Future the Hedgehog

They get along pretty well, and can relate to eachother a lot - they're both a little tomboy and Future can act crazy and fun as well. They're both best friends.

Nitro the Hedgehog

Another close friend of Cocoa, Nitro is also tomboy. (WHY ARE ALL OF COCOA'S FRIENDS TOMBOY WH)

Voltage the Hedgehog

A close friend of Cocoa's... hinthint. :o


Great sense of smell, fast digger


  • I was inspired to make her from someone's character named 'Hotaru the Puppy', who can be found in this video.
  • Coincidentally she is slightly similar to Sticks the Jungle Badger.
  • Originally her markings were going to be white.
  • Her clothes are from Female Furry Dollmaker.
    • Except for the gloves and boots - they are an edited version of the clothes from Female Furry Dollmaker.