"Hey, my house is an airship, of course I got here on time!" 
Cotton the Rabbit

Base by xLuminii on deviantART

(Cotton is a new OC, there isn't much to her yet, and she was made with MissAquaAnime 's FC creator.)

Short Bio




Species: Rabbit (with a longish tail)

Gender: Female

Eyes: Hot pink

weapon: A sword that her dad, Strike gave to her, by going to a mythical mountain that happened to be real to get it.


Wild spirted, can be serious sometimes and adventurous.Cotton acts brave most of the time but she is actalyly kinda jumpy


Cotton's tail was long because her dad Strike is a cat and her mom was a Rabbit. Now when I said WAS I mean Cotton's mom died when Cotton was very young, about 3-4, and so she had to live and grow up in her dad Stirke's airship. Her dad's airship home is undergound the town SweetieNote lived in when she was young so Cotton and her were friends back then. The airship takes off to go to places from time to time to go and take care of evil plots from unknown evil. When Cotton became 11 Strike started to give her lessons on how he explored new lands and fight evil because when it's his, you know, "time up", who else is going to take over!?