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Crystal the Cat
Crystal the Cat is a fan character made by User:RedEyedMedic
Crystal the Cat
Crystal the Cat By SigmaAlphaThree

Drawn by SigmaAlphaThree

First appearance

Fan Character - Crystal the Cat

Real-world designer


  • Dakota Iyelna / RedEyedMedic
Biographical overview

17 and a half


Unknown exactly where, but in a snowy area

Also known as
Physical description
Species Cat







Icy blue





  • Blue boots with icy-blue thingy with a cyan diamond on it
  • White gloves with icy-blue thing with a cyan diamond on it
  • Blue long-sleeve dress with mullet-like hem
  • White leggings completely covering legs
Alignment and character traits



Team Shine

Favorite Food

Ice-cream tiramisu

  • Gold the Wolf
  • Aliza the Hedgehog
  • Cold
  • Blue (colour)
  • Beauty
  • Make-up
  • Staying up-to-date on the latest fashion trends
  • Diamonds
  • Crystals
  • Ice
  • Snow
  • Shopping
  • Tiramisu (especially ice-cream ones)
  • Ice-cream
  • Being insulted
  • Being judged
  • Her friends being in danger or anyone who threatens them
  • Evil
  • Ugly people
  • Impolite people
  • Getting scared
  • When people don't listen to her
  • Heat
  • Fire
  • Warm colours (such as red, orange ect.)
  • Dysmorphophobia (fear of being ugly)
Skills, abilities and powers
  • Ice powers
  • Snow powers
Moves and techniques
Ability type



Crystal is very elegant and often acts like she's a princess. However she does of course have her flaws. Sometimes she can be vain and bossy, which causes strangers to think she's stuck up.


(Backstory by Sasha Gorasevic / Sasha G / Catswolves4life) When she was younger she was bullied by the other kids and they called her ugly, and because of this she started becoming obsessed with her looks, and trying to become as beautiful and graceful as possible, and she finally achieved this, actually making her very happy. Nowadays, she hates "ugly people" because they remind her of when she was bullied.


Crystal is born with ice powers. She can do basic things with them such as create small snowstorms, ice statues, create ice shards and throw them at opponents, freeze opponents etc.


Gold the Wolf

Gold and Crystal have somewhat of a sister-like relationship, even though not actually being siblings. Crystal is sort of like a big sister to Gold, as Crystal is approxamitely 2 years older than her. Gold and Crystal have lots of trust in eachother.

Celadon the Wolf

Gold introduced Crystal to Celadon while she saw Crystal at the same park Celadon and Gold were in one day. Crystal likes his personality and kindness, but doesn't like his looks and since she is vain sometimes judges him and/or ignores him. As such, she is uncomfortable with Gold's crush on Celadon, which Gold has told her about.

Aliza the Hedgehog

Friends. Nothing more to it. They just get along decently.

Frost Crystal

Main article: Frost Crystal
Frost Crystal

Recoloured from Blaze the Cat

Frost Crystal is Crystal the Cat's Frost form. A Frost form is a form that, if a character who has ice and snow powers collects all the seven ice crystals, turns into. Ice crystals are special/magical pieces of ice shaped like small diamonds/crystals that- well you already read the other part xD. When in a Frost form, ice and snow powers increase and appearance changes.

Genderbend: Diamond the Cat

Diamond is the male version of Crystal the Cat, that I'm probably not gonna use at all. XD He's pretty much the same as Crystal aside from having shorter hair, shoes instead of boots and a coat instead of a dress and being male.
Diamond the Cat

(LOL FAILED) Base by AnjelBases on deviantART

He's still fashionistic (is that even a word? o.o) and stuff, but since he's a guy he isn't into makeup xD He's more of a clothes person than a make-up person.


Main Theme

Für Elise (Piano version)-0

Für Elise (Piano version)-0

Fighting / Boss Theme

MLP Fighting is Magic - Rarity Theme-1405899827

MLP Fighting is Magic - Rarity Theme-1405899827



  • At one point she was going to have a snowflake pattern on her boots and dress.
  • She looks somewhat like an ice version of Blaze the Cat (but wasn't intended to be).
  • There is slight inspiration from Glacier the Cat.
  • At one point Crystal was going to be the sibling of Gold the Wolf, and would've been a wolf called 'Diamond'.
    • Crystal's sister-like relationship with Gold is a nod to this fact.
  • Crystal is part of Team Shine.