Eclipse the Cat is a Starrian . She is a Black Cat with White Ear tips,a Long Tail,and Yellow Eyes. She is fast runner and fighter,always using her abilities in battle. Her powers are powerful thanks to her long years of practice.






Powers: Star Powers

Likes: Quiet Places,Meditating,Fried Rice,Patient People,The Moon,The Stars,Flying

Dislikes:Loud Places,Fish,Impatient People, The Sun(Gets into her eyes),Cloudy Days(Can't see the stars),Thunderstorms(Hates getting wet alot)


Eclipse's Parents were attacked by Robotnik when she was 16. But instead of taking her Parents they took Eclipse instead. Robotnik saw that she tried to protect her parents with her powers and took her away from them. She was held prisoner but one night Sonic and his team ambushed Robotnik's lair and saved Eclipse. Sonic saw something in her and taught her how to fight. After 3 years trying control her abilities she was ready for battle. She fought like a Lion in each battle and bravely too.


Eclipse is a loyal and kind person. She has a wonderful personality. She is Independent,Motherly,Brave,and Nice. Though dontt mess with her temper. She will be angry and will be loaded with Star Energy. She is always up for a adventure. She always ask to go on everyone of Sonic's Adventure.

Dark Eclipse

Her Dark Form is extremely powerful. She is Night Black with Dark Gray Ear Tips. And her eyes turn a Dark Amber. She is hyper,fast,powerful,and can even take down any enemy in her path. But it won't use up her energy. Her energy never stops, even if she is in her normal form. In her Dark Form she has the use of Dark Magic. But if her anger is more angered she will be overloaded with Black Magic.