Future the Hedgehog's Guardian Angel form is a form that takes the form of a mobian angel hedgehog and
Future Guardian Angel =3

Made using a base.

is triggered when someone she cares about (so far, only Silver and Cocoa) is in trouble. The main purpose of this form is to protect someone, hence it being called 'Guardian Angel'. In this form she also becomes 20% taller, and taller then Silver.


Since it's only a form, and not a complete new character, the personality is mostly the same as her normal form Future the Hedgehog, however in most situations while having this form she seems to act more serious and concentrates on saving the one who's in trouble.


Future's Guardian Angel form can fly, since she has feathered wings (looking like an angel's wings). She also has a new power - she form cyan-colored balls of aura in her hands and launch them at her enemies, inflicting massive damage. She is also very near immortal in this form, and it is very near impossible to defeat her in this form. While in this form her strength also increases.


She has white fur, wings like an angel's, a cyan dress with puffy sleeves, with a bit of yellow. The 'symbol' on her head spreads around her eyes. And because she doesn't have the long-sleeved jacket anymore, you can see that where her arms end there are even more cyan symbols, same with at her legs, since she now has yellow boots. She also appears to now have cyan colors in a lot of different places, such as her wings and her side parting hair.

Theme Song

CommandSpry fixes Whitetail - Rarity Theme-0

CommandSpry fixes Whitetail - Rarity Theme-0

I think it fits?