Hello all! This is the official page to ask me to draw your character! But before you ask me for art, you should read the stuff below so I don't turn you away for something dumb! I will also be using your art for my portfolio at the bottom of the page for other potential requests to view.

Current Requests

I will only accept 4 drawings at any time.





Things I will draw

  • Single characters
  • Couples (OCxOC, OCxCanon, CanonxCanon. Genders don't matter)
  • Fighting poses
  • Mechs
  • Redesigns
  • Complete designs (Designing a character based off of a small description, case by case basis)
  • Light gore (Dripping blood, unseen mortal wounds)
  • Simple Backgrounds

Things I won't draw

  • Anything containing nudity or adult themes
  • Heavy gore (Visible mortal wounds)
  • Complex backgrounds

Request Form

Character(s) name: (Please link to their wiki page if they have one, Canon characters only need names)

Intended use for the picture: (Fanart, Wiki page header picture, Cover for Fanfiction e.t.c.)

Brief description of the picture: (Self explanatory)

Answered Requests