"Hi! Names Hauna!" -Hauna the Cat

Hauna the Cat is a fan character made by User:Yumna The Cat


Hauna is a kind, smart, intelligent 6 years old girl. She's the smartest one in the family. She can make her siblings do what she wants by showing her cuteness.


Hauna has an ice and snow power. If she in a place with hot temperature, her energy decreases.

Real Name

Her real name is "Hauna Terrissa Wilson", but her friends know her as "Hauna the Cat".


Spike the Fox [1]


Spike the Fox or Jack Wilson. Jack is her big brother. His name used to be Jack Wilson but his mother gave him the nickname "Spike" when he was 3 years old. Sometimes he likes to annoy his sisters. He's kind of sefish sometimes, but he's kind and has a lot of ideas to solve problems. He has claws and lightning powers.

Yumna the Cat


Yumna The Cat or Yumna Terrissa Wilson. Yumna is her big sister. She has telekinetic and telepathy powers. She always hang out with Spike. She's a kind, generous, honest, funny 10 year old girl.

Eliya Terissa Wilson


Eliya is Yumna, Spike and Hauna's mother. She's the responsible one in the family. Her husband is Andrew Wilson. She has lightning powers and telekinesis just like her daughther and her son.

Andrew Wilson [2]


Andrew is Yumna, Spike, and Hauna's father. He's only staying home with the kids. His wife is Eliya Terissa Wilson. He has an ice power just like his third daughter.

Passion The Hedgehog


Passion at times can be innocent and sweet. She prefers to hang around people she knows and can be very clingy. On other occasions, Passion has a sour side! She can have quight a temper when she doesn't like something. She tends to jump from one emotion to the next. Though she's adorable.


MLP Fighting is Magic - Twilight Sparkle Stage Theme-0

MLP Fighting is Magic - Twilight Sparkle Stage Theme-0

Also known

"My little kitty" by her father.

"Terrisa" by Yumna.

"Isa" by her mother.


  • her family
  • winter
  • ice's
  • blue


  • anoyyed by spike
  • bullies
  • fire


  • Hauna is part of Team amazing (members: Yumna, Spike, Hauna).
  • Hauna is part of the Wilson family.