.Hitomi is a character User:RedEyedMedic and User:VanillaTheCat share. Her design was made by
I dunno wat to call dis hedgehog

By VanillaTheCat

GlacierNTrouble. She is 20% cat. (Because I don't even--)


Hitomi is very cheerful and naive. She's happy most of the time but often childish and others often find her annoying because she is rarely serious. She tries to be friends with everyone she meets.

When fighting or when she gets angry (but she gets angry when she's fighting so snort), Hitomi becomes terrifying... o.O When angry it seems like her actual personality dissapeared. She becomes extremely violent and won't hesitate to attack whoever's made her mad. However she doesn't get mad that often because she's naive and friendly n stuff, thank god.


Very agile and fast. (Not faster than Sonic xD)


Dual scythes. (In other words two scythes. One is in her right hand the other is in her left.)


Sweet Cherry the Fox

They're best friends. Because y'know, they both naive and bubbly n stuff.

Amy Rose

The two get along reasonably well.

Vector the Crocodile

Hitomi has a huge crush on Vector, but Vector doesn't really seem to have feelings about her, not even as a friend, he's just "meh" about her. Because of this Hitomi sometimes flirts to get his attention but usually messes up and makes everything awkward.

Crystal the Cat

Crystal is sorta like Hitomi's idol. She looks up to her and finds her cool.