Name: Hurricane

Gender: Female

Age: 19 (Is ageless)

Appearance: Dark Gray Cat with Black Paws,Ears,and Tail along with hair and her eye color is Silver.

Clothes: Dark Gray Shorts, Black Long sleeved shirt, Black Combat Boots,and Black fingerless Gloves.

Favorite Color: Gray

Favorite Food: Salmon

Species: Cat

Favorite Song: Joan of Arc by First Aid Kit


Hurricane was a happy girl, she had her parents and 2 siblings. When she was 10 her parents were murdered along with her sister and brother. That left poor Hurricane alone. She found out she had to power to control the weather, the air, the power to fly, and had a power to use star powers since her mother was half Starrian. She trained in Martial Arts and met Sonic when she was 14. She helped Sonic in his missions and soon became a member of the team.


She is very Sneaky. Hurricane is kind but has some what of a temper. Don't mess with her temper or she will become very angry. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and will do anything for them. She is also motherly and patient with people.