Jamie The Hedgehog is my OC. She's a light purple hedgehog with dark blue eyes, with gray sleeveless shirt, blue shorts and dark grey and blue boots. She wears a purple gem around her neck, which she got to summon her spirits. Just so you all know, I go by the Archie Comic Timeline.

Name: Jamie Marilyn The Hedgehog

Age: 16

Personality: She's kind and bubbly. She cares about her loved ones and will not back down from a fight that she thinks is worth. It's difficult to make her snap at anything, do to her tolerating most of everything. She's outgoing and caring, always scared of anyone getting hurt.

Powers: Record Blades, Chaos Energy.

Weakness: Her loyalty, her kindness And her friends.

Family: Bernadette and Jules. *Parents* Sonic The Hedgehog. *brother*

Backstory: As a child, she as well lacked a mother and father figure, which turned Sonic profile of his little sister. She was usually underestimated by how small she was, which led her to be determined to prove herself to anyone. She wasn't accepted into the Freedom Fighters until Sally finally though she was ready. Yet, she was still held back from most missions by her brother, but when she did, she was made sure to stay close. She lives with her brother, still going on missions to protect Knothole.