Da best oc evar 2.0

Name: Kc

age: 15

specie: hedgecat (BUT CALL HER HEDGEHOG!!!!!)


Boyfiend:: Tails the Fax

family: Blaze the Cat (sisderp), Amy da hedgehog (Dad!!!)

Story: Kc was born on a magical island called Magicana. KC was separted from her twin sister Blzae the Cat at birt, bcuz if broth together they'd be sooooo powefull they could destroy da world. she lived alone for all her life until she meet the sexyest fox alive: TALES

she rekt all da stupid brats dat were fangirling (cosmo, cream, fiona, etc) and became his one ad only waifu. now they r going to get marred.

wen she sterted dating tails he helped her find her tru powaz: WATERRRRRRRR

AND l8r in life she reoonited with her father and sister: Amy n bwaze!!!!!!

so yea if u have ny problems wid my character feel free 2 tell me how i can improve if u negative ill kill u i no were u live :))))))

(ps im in ur window)

theme song: