Kinora is a 35-year old female Gray Wolf, born to satisfy Erin's obsessive love for Sleet.

Kinora 2



Born Kinora Lara Wolf in the West Nobody tribe, she wanted to be a somebody, despite her uncle's objections. Ever since her uncle started making logical conclusions, her parents had to move somewhere else, leaving their daughter in Lupe's mother's care. She was 15 when she ran away because being surrounded by actually good looking women upset her. Upon the takeover of Mobius, she had worked as a spy for Princess Elizabeth, looking to Elizabeth like she was her own sister. Which Elizabeth rejected because she was too perfect for her but later accepted when she realized that would stop any claims that they were a couple. Or so she thought. She had vanished from HQ when it was ambushed, because she was cowardly as it was being attacked by good looking women. She was brought back home safely by Sleet and they proceeded to make out in the bathroom. And then her mum walked in. And kicked her ass. And made out with Sleet.



  • Hot chicks
  • Her mum

Theme songs

  • Pudi Pudi 10 hour version