Small Bio

Name: Midnight

Gender: Female

Age: 21 (She is ageless due to being part spirit)

Alignment: Good

Power(s): Flying,Dark Powers, Air Powers, Magic


Midnight is a black wolf with silver eyes,her left eyelid is black instead of white,black hair and silver hair,dark gray paws,and dark gray ears. She wears dark gray flare pants with silver edging,a black long sleeved shirt with gray edging,gray fingerless gloves,and black boots. Midnight also has a scar over her left eye,a 'V' shaped nick in her ears,and a scar over her shoulder.


Midnight is kind person, though you have to not get on her nerves. She is very serious about her fighting and very willing to anything even if that means sacrificing herself. She is brave,well-spoken,and loyal. Midnight thought that her life was to prove her loyalty to her friends and family.

Back Story

Midnight's parents were abusive. They were so abusive that the abuse actually left a scar her her left eye. She had a older sister that bossed her around. One day her parents were abusing her and her left eyelid turned black and then a outburst of her magic killed her parents by aciddent . Midnight ran way into the city and began stealing to survive on the streets. She met Sonic at 18 years old and soon became a member of his team. She practiced her powers and soon her powers became very powerful and useful for his team. She improved her fighting and all of her powers to becoming almost as powerful as Mephiles.