Miss K is a clinically insane Wanderer owned by WildgirlN.

Basic Info

Real Name: Unknown.

Age: Unknown, probably 20s. Not immortal.

Species: Some kind of elfish alien

Home: An insane asylum in Namville (fictional town), on Earth.

Affilations: The Wanderers, Mr. E's group.

Original Wanderer? No.


Miss K is clinically insane. She tends to babble about strange things, especially giant eyes coming to get her.


Miss K has pale skin, gold eyes, and very curly and fluffy brown hair. She wears a green headband and carries a staff for spellcasting. She has more contracted pupils than most humans, causing her eyes to look rather catlike.


Miss K has high damage spells that have a low hit rate. This is due to the fact that she's insane, and tends to miss her shots. She specializes in electric and robotic spells.


Miss K was a skilled technopath before she became a wanderer. However, her technopathy and the Vortex Stone conflicted, causing there to be a sort of short in her brain. She still became a Wanderer, but she "lost her marbles" along the way.