" Oh hello I'm Mist and I'm here to.. Beat the living day lights out of you!"-Mi
st "I'm sorry........ Lil' sis"-Mist

Mist is SweetieNote the fox' s sister, she is Evil because of her dark side and because of being around the wrong crowds when she got lost and kidnaped at age 11.


Like her sister, Mist is has white fur but has but has light gray hair. Her eyes have no pupils, she loodrd them when she is attacking and sometimes they are very light gray\soft white.


Mist is mostly seen as cool,distant,quiet and misiveous.Mist is nalmaly cold and dark around good characters doing the job of working for Eggman and all when around bad characters she helps them abit and can be a friend,however she still the only one she seems to really open up to alot is G.I.L.D her pet robotic,winged cat and friend Mist can also get emotional in things like when SweetieNote lifted up G.I.L.D like a robotic shild,Mist stoped her atack and started get emotional and act like a little child who lost their toy or time Mist found out rememderd SweetieNote being her sister from her childhood and finding how much SweetieNotes hurting all because of her all mist could think was 'Im sorry'

(oh and I forgot to log in so Mist belongs to me aka User:SweetieNoteTheFox/Lars2001)