"I fight to defend my planet, Polaris… I shall not let anything happen to it…"

Nova is from the Planet, Polaris [Known as the North Star on Earth]. The Planet itself is bigger than the Planet, Jupiter. The Planet is like Earth but instead of having humans, it has Mobians. The Planet is in the Andromeda Galaxy (The Galaxy Mobius is in from what I guess) and it circles the undying star they call Sol.


Nova has flame orange fur, red ears,red paws,and her whole tail is red. She has a white muzzle and Amber eyes. Nova wears a black jacket with a hood and with a orange sleeveless shirt. She has a dark orange gem on her forehead that glows brightly when she uses her powers.


Nova has a peaceful personality. She is kind, reseptful, and very well tempered. She is patient, honest, and helpful to many people. She is determined to help any one in need and is very loyal and protective of her loved ones And friends.