(WARNING:NO READ IF YOU ARE AN HATER OF MLP:FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC!) Pearl (Or Pearl The Cat/Catcorn) is an Sweet girl Cat created by User:MinecraftFan11onScratch.

Pearl the Cat

Pearl Main Pic (Made with Sonic Charrie Maker)

Basic Info

Pearl is Twelve years Old.She is an Pink cat that Every time is Seen with an Necklace.Her fully Name was "Pearl Diamond Firefly".The considered "True Species" of her is Catcorn (3/4 Cat,1/4 Allicorn).


Pearl is an Kind,Sweet,Helpfull and Docile Girl.She every Time wanna help Anyone.But in her Deep inside,She have an Like-True Personality:an Very Sadny Girl of remembring her Past.And,Amazingly,if She show her True Personality,this can put her in Risk to turn her Corrupted version.


Pearl is an Pink Cat with an Peach Blouse,Cyan Eyes,an Necklace with an Purple Pearl,Yellow Pants and Orange Shoes.


Pearl use an Magic Wand with an Purple Pearl was Weapon.


Pearl have Psychic Powers that can be More Stong if She use an Force of an Magic Stone.

Pearl's Powers and Weapon Forces comes From the Pearl of Her Necklace:If she Stop to use Her Necklace,her Powers and Her Weapon stay more Weak.If she Stop to use her Necklace for an Long time,She lost her Forces and Possibly can Feel pain Until the Dead.

Pearl not like to Say,but she is 25% Allicorn (Allicorn of Series MLP:Friendship is Magic).So,she can Turn an Full-Blood Allicorn that have Same appearence and powers of Original Pearl.Pearl mainly use this Ability when enter into Equestria world.Pearl also in her Mobian form can Activate an Form that her Win Wings and Horns of Allicorn (Much like the Transformation of MLP:Equestria Girls).

Pearl the Cat Allicorn Form

Pearl the Cat Allicorn Form (Base by Sarahs Adopts of Deviantart)


Pearl was born was An Normal Cat,or,what she Believes was.After Pearl put an Necklace that Pearl's sister give to Pearl,Pearl feel that not Haved anything inside her,Like that she was an Marionet.Only with Eleven years she Discovered that the Necklace that She (Pearl) have can Put her life in Risk if she let it Toked away from Her.

Pearl,also,Discovered that was,in truly,from a Specie named "Catcorn",that was 3/4 Cat and 1/4 Allicorn,because this,She and other Catcorns have the 2 Only Ability's to Turn Allicorn and Win Pony Horn and Wings.

After this 2 Discovers,Pearl start's to Hide her Sad and Depresive Personality (that was Maked because her discover her True-self) with an Sweety and Kind personality.

Theme Song

Does not have one...Yet.


  • The Fate of Pearl be an Catcorn it because her Father is Also an Catcorn.Her Mother is only Fully Cat.
  • Pearl friends was Not only Mobians,but also Pony's from Equestria (Haters of MLP Gona Hate).
  • Pearl's Species is An Open Species:Anyone if want,can make an Catcorn