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Professor David Technik is a brilliant scientist who considers himself to be superior to Robotnik, calling him a "fat fool who doesn't know what he's doing" and generally making superior technology.

Other stats

Age: 27

Alignment: Lawful Good

Likes: A good challenge, coffee

Dislikes: Robotnik, his brother Henry


Technik was a genius growing up. However, his brother Henry would always take credit for things that he himself did. He disliked this, but decided it would be a good idea to travel. On his travels, he learned about the legendary North Island, the Isle of Dreams. He learned that the island possessed artifacts of great power, and he knew he could use the energy from those artifacts to power his machines. So he set off for North Island, confident that he would finally get the fame he deserved.

Upon reaching North Island, he proceeded to set up a lab there. However, it wasn't long before the evil Princess Elizabeth broke into his lab and threatened to kill him if he didn't make her a Mind Control Cannon to rid the planet of all gays. She told him to pretend to be evil so the heroes vacationing on the island didn't ruin her plans. Upon learning about the presence of heroes, he did indeed pretend to be evil, but secretly led the heroes to Elizabeth's hideout in space. Upon the heroes defeating him, Elizabeth stormed out, furious. She said she'd kill all of the heroes as well as Technik, but they weren't having that. Teaming up with the heroes, Technik defeated Elizabeth, and sent her to Prison Island for her crimes against the planet. Saying goodbye to the heroes, he proceeded to continue his research on North Island, and eventually got his fame.




Alphus DeNiro

Cythan Algato

Electric Sparx


Elizabeth the Hedgehog

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