"You've gotta be there for a friend, if your friend is in need " - Ruby The JewelCat 

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Ruby by RubyWTF

Basic Information

Name: Treasure "Ruby" DiamondCave

Physical Age: 157

Mental Age: 16

Species: JewelCat

Height: 5'1

Weight: 72 lbs

Powers: Making jewels and such XP

Alignment: Neutral, depending on the situation. For example, if her friend is on an evil side, so will she be, but eventually she will leave her friend's evil side and join another side.

Relationship Status: She has a boyfriend, so TAKEN for now. (read next to see his name)

Crush: Darkness The Darkfoxcat


When Ruby was a young mobian, her mom was still alive, as well as her dad. She lived in a diamond cave with her sisters Orange the Cat, and Ocean The Cat. Soon enough when Orange and her dad were out of the cave, the cave started to crumble. Ruby was hit by a gem on her hand, and it sucked into her hand. (That's how she got her powers) Her and her sister got hit in the head. There mom carried them out to safety. Apparently, there mom dropped them out of the cave, and she was killed by being crumbles into pieces by the cave. When Ruby and Ocean woke up, their left eyes were covered in nothing but clear color. Ocean's was blue, and Ruby's was red.


~ She likes to be with her boyfriend.

~ She likes to descover diamond-like places, such as caves.

~ She likes to play with her pet, Shine.

~ She likes red.

~ She likes anything with peppermint.

~ She likes her family

~ She Also likes to visit friends


~ She hates neon green.

~ According to her past, she hates homosexuals. (Boy and Girl)

~ She hates chocolate.

~ She hates coffee, but she drinks it anyway to keep her awake.

~ She hates all her ex-boyfriends. (Only 2)

Family Members

~Fantasia Diamondcave: Dead

~ Elijah Diamondcave: Dead

~ Orange Diamondcave: Alive

~ Ocean Diamondcave: Alive


~Bonita The Navycat (XD Vapor she is evil :3! You didn't hear that from me)

~Eggman And his Robots

~Glance The Badger

(I'll add more soon)


~ Ocean gems, or anything that has to do with the ocean, or water. Also, Ruby hates water.

~(See Story) The gem that sank into Ruby's hand that keeps her looking young, and to live forever, If it broke she would die, and her mother (or a dead family member, but her mother first because she had her) would restore back to life, have the job to take care of it.

~ if she makes more than 1,000 gems in 1 day, she will pass out, causing her gem power to restore.