Hey guys!

With our featured characters contest and such, I thought it would be a good idea for us to do a logo contest, just to have some variety. Ok, so as you can see the logo is the picture on the top left that has a fan character popping out of a sonic logo. The contest is very simple, pretty much I'll try to change the logo every week or more, the times may vary.

Entries are now open.


How Does This Contest Work?

Each week (starting now) you may choose one of your fan characters that you want to see in the logo. It does not matter if they won previous contests, they are still eligible. Whoever wins as their character appear in the logo. Simple as that.

How Do You Enter?

Write the fan character in the comments and a link to their page. I will then make a poll. Whoever's character gets the most votes becomes the logo character for the week! Your character's page MUST include a clear picture of your character and follow the guidelines, if it does not the second-most voted will be used instead.

Can You Vote For Your Own Character?

No, please vote for someone else's character. If there are none, wait until there is some. If everyone votes for their own character, we'll just end up for 1 vote on all, now won't we?

My Character Never Wins!

Well, sorry about that however we will not rig the polls so it does.

Can My Character Win Twice In A Row?

Unfortunately, no. You can win twice in a row with a different character, and just because your character won this week, it doesn't mean it can't win two weeks later, but twice in a row for the same character will not be featured, instead the second-most voted will be used instead.

Can I Enter Two Characters At Once?

Sorry, no. You'll have to pick favourites out of the already pre-existing characters.

What Happens If There Is A Tie?

I, WildgirlN will decide who wins, though if everyone does not vote for their own character, this probably won't happen.

Past Winners:

The Polls!

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Vote For Who Gets In The Logo!

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