sofa the hedgehgo is my characters!!!! DO NOT STEAL.!!!!11


thsi is not a recolor if u think it is u r mean!!!!!!


his ful name is sofa couch chair andrew the hedgehog!!! he is hedgehog but is also half sofa!!!!! he is 12345678910111213141516171819 yrs old an has a 16 yr ol daughter name banana the hedgehog who is imortal. he also is the father of amyy rose rouge blaze an sally acorn. he is imortal to because he is haf sofa. he i the king of the universe.

he is in love wit honeydew the hedgehog and all the girl animals love him bc he is so nice lyke his daughter an honeydew, but bc he i so nyce he loves honeydew only.

wat he lok like!!!!

he a neon green hedgehoyg haf sofa. he has a neon bleu mouth an belly. he has rainbow eyes with pink pupils. he wear pink glloves an rainbow shoes. he has sonics hair but he dont care bc he is better then sonic.


he is rly smart an super mysterious that why al the grls love him. he is good looking bc he i haf sofa.


he has all the powers bc he is king of the universe an haf sofa.


sofa the hedgehog has a superr trajic bckstory. wen he was lil his parents wer kill by egman but then he met honeydew an they got married egman watched their wedding.