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Sephi the Fox
Redesign sephi

Drawn by MisteriatheHedgewolf

First appearance

Fanfic - Broken Arrows (Not written yet)

Last appearance

Fanfic - Demons (Not written yet)



Biographical overview




Also known as
  • Sephi
  • Sara
Voice Actors
English Voice Actor Tara Strong
Japanese Voice Actor Maaya Sakamoto
Physical description
Species Fennec/red Fox hybrid



105cm (3'4")




mustard yellow







  • Magenta dress with skort (Skirt & Shorts combo)
  • Black belt with a red flame emblem
  • Black ash-gloves
  • Magenta cuffs on wrists and ankles
  • White shoes with magenta metal tips
  • Magenta scrunchie
  • Magenta tanktop
  • Black shorts
  • Black ash-gloves
  • Magenta cuffs on wrists and ankles
  • White shoes with magenta metal tips
  • Magenta scrunchie
  • Long magenta dress
  • Magenta glass shoes
  • Magenta scruchie
Alignment and character traits



Team Forbidden

Favorite Food

Flame grilled steak (Medium Rare)

  • Homophobes
  • Biphobes
  • Water
Skills, abilities and powers
  • Spying undercover
  • Basic parkour
Moves and techniques
  • Transforming into a wisp of smoke
  • pyrokinesis
Ability type




Stephanie the Fox (ステファニー·フォックス Sutefanī· Fokkusu) or also known as Sephi is an anthromorphic fox princess fancharacter in the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom. She is the sole heir of the throne of Aquline, a fictional country which lies between Soleanna and the Acorn Kingdom.


Sephi is flirty and upbeat character with a love for fashion and hair. She can be very upfront in what she believes and isn't afraid to speak her mind to those who know her.

She constantly wants to be better than everyone else, going as far has to get minor breast implants in hopes of being better at something than Misteria.

Despite her forwardness, she can be really wary on what others think of her, due to the fact she was bullied as a child for being quiet and for being attracted to women as well as men. She since learned from Misteria how to be upfront and not to care on what others think of her, or at least show it.


Alexis the Hyena

Her current partner and the only female she has openly admitted to dating. Sephi and Alexis have a calm relationship which started up when the two met in 'The Underground', a goth nightclub which the two now work in.

Sephi acts as the calm and reasoning type while Alexis is the rash and head-strong partner.

Sephi was reluctant to tell her friends and mother about Alexis as none of them had known about her being bisexual, but while at a party, Alexis arrived and made the whole thing public to the others while drunk.

The two live in separate houses, but the two do spend the night over each others some of the time

Theme Song

Magenta - Nano

You cannot hide - Her friends and family finding out she's bisexual

Don’t you let go - Not letting go of her feelings for Alexis

Take a look around, you are not alone - She's not the only bisexual

When you feel like the world is falling in, And you can’t seem to find the way back in - Her fear of telling everyone about being bisexual

Don’t cry - How she physically can't cry

Outside, you’re trembling as you stand, In the falling rain - Feeling she's on the outside of everyone's friendship circles

You try to find where you belong, - Trying to find a place that would openly accept her


  • Sephi fails to prove she's a tomboy due to her love for fashion and hair
  • Sephi has a fear of thunder
  • Sephi inherited her pyrokinesis from her father which is rare as children usually have a different kinesis to both of their parents to offer variety.
    • But she has a different kinesis to her mother Illma who has Hydrokinesis
  • Sephi was originally Italian and had the name 'Sara' which in Italian means 'It will be', which was unintended
  • Sephi gets angry and spam-texts people if they do not respond to her within a certain time frame
    • This usually results in her having little-to-no people contact her through her phone
      • The only exception to the rule is her girlfriend Alexis
  • Sephi has never been caught for engaging in forbidden activities (such as the nightclub she works in) whereas Misteria has.
  • Sephi is known to stress eat.