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Tootsie The Rabbit is the first fan-character created by Tremendous By Design. This was a revamped version of her self insert she created in 6th grade

Basic Information

Name: Tootsie

Age: 10

Species: Rabbit

Appearance: (picture) lots of fur around ears and head, tufts of fur around her face, a t-shirt and layered skirt, brown spots on fur, high socks and sneakers

Description: Tootsie is an ambitious rabbit who seeks adventure everywhere she goes. She looks up to most canon characters, and likes to get in trouble. If she is in trouble, she will lie to get out of it, which never really works out. She likes to boast about how great she'll be when she's older, and refuses to accept defeat. She has a bad temper, though, when it comes to getting what she wants.

Friends:She's only friends with her sister, though she considers Sonic and co. to be her friends (In reality, they don't even know her)

Strong Likes: Adventures, coloring, games, playing pretend, sweets

Strong Dislikes: not getting what she wants, food she has never tasted before, stormy days



Tootsie's sister, Klondike

Tootsie grew up in a small family of her mom and her sister, Klondike, in a big city. She always loved playing imagination roleplay games with herself, especially about being a hero and saving her city from bad guys like Robotnik(or Eggman whatever you call him :T). She one day told her family about how she wanted to become a hero like Sonic and co. were, and her mom shut her down quickly, warning her of the dangerous things they do. Despite this, she still goes exploring outside of the city and looks for her own adventures, often getting her into trouble with other mobians.

Extra Information

  • her old design had only 2-3 colors, but it was changed to look more like a kid would dress
  • when she plays pretend, she is always the hero
  • she has no relation to Cream, they are only acquaintances
  • She can fly with her ears, though it is very limited, and she has no attack other than a typical jump
  • she doesn't know how to spindash



Her old design after her other old design after her other old design. I change stuff a lot :T