Tunic the Hedgehog, Is, in truly, Not an True Hedgehog,but an Demoniac emerald that can take Poss of Amy Rose.She (Or "She...or He" for Mobians that believe that her Was Genderless) was maked by User:MinecraftFan11onScratch .

Tunic diamond Form

Tunic Diamond Form


Tunic possibly have the Same Personality of Amy Rose,like that Tunic is an Doppelgänger of Amy Rose.But when in Diamond Form,She not show Have any Emoction.

Unknowingness of The Gender

Tunic have an Very Unknowed Gender.Some Mobians say that She was Genderless (Without Gender) in her 2 Forms (Hedgehog form and Diamond form) and Others that say that she was Only Genderless in her Diamond Form.But,oficially,She is Female in Her 2 Forms.


Tunic have Possesion Power,Dark Powers,and The Same Skills of Amy Rose.She also have an Special Skin  Named "Demon Explosion",that when She make an Spin into Air and An Make an Giant explosion.


Tunic was an Very Ancient Diamond that haved Black Colors because not Yet founded any Mobian for Finally take poss in it Sometimes.But an Day,Amy Founded the Tunic in Diamond form and Tunic taked Poss of Amy,and Making the Corpse of Amy being Lavender in Skin,Light Yellow in Clothes and Red in Eyes.

Tunic,Now with Poss of Amy,Maked an Big Chaoticness into Mobius world,but Some heroes with Light Powers Did stoped Tunic,spliting Tunic from Corpse of Amy Rose.So,Tunic in Diamond Form was Lefted in an Dimension that was Like Partenon,from Athenas,in Greece.But,Tunic can Studently escapes and Take poss of Amy,In time-for-Time.But,an Recently Day,The Mobians solved use the Powers of Chaos Emeralds for Banish Tunic for Another Dimension,that she Possibly,Can Never Escape.

But an Day,Tunic with Unleash,ended founding the 7 Dark Chaos emeralds,and Used solved use they Power to make an Corpse exactly like when possesed Amy by first time.So,She did escapes.

Tunic was Actuality continuing Possesing Amy Rose and Switching into her Forms,but she Also can take poss of Anyone now,but not Changing the Color of clothes and Skin:Only changing the Color of Eyes.


  • In Pass,She was Considered an Version/Trasformation/Form of Amy Rose
  • She was Possibly Birthed into Greek times of Earth