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  • MissHuntress

    Recently, I have created another character that is a purple-blooded Verdesiodan(which carries the ability to teleport into different voids and wormholes). The problem is, I'm ironically running out of original name ideas. This one is pretty hard because this character has NO GENDER. This character can be reffered to as "he" or "she". Here's what I have oh her so far.

    Name: ???

    Age: ???

    Gender: Experience(internet high-five if you get the ref)

    Species: Verdesiodan(Purple-blood)

    Subspecies: Wolf

    Personality: He is found to be a bit serious in situatuons. But most of the time she likes to be immature and mess around with others. But to his close friends/teammates or fellow verdesiodans(or the ones who deserve respect), she will show true altruism t…

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  • MissHuntress

    To those that aren't aware of, his birthday is this Saturday >w> I was thinking if someone can chip in gifts for him, if it's on DeviantART and costs points, just let me know so that I can pay off(And PLEASE Note me on DeviantArt)

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  • MissHuntress


    February 12, 2015 by MissHuntress

    All of this yellow on the wiki is making my vision go insane X-X. Aside from that, I made a thing using MS Paint and Gimp  and became REALLY proud of the results :33 I feel like I should make more of these oUo 


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  • MissHuntress

    Neh? :33

    December 18, 2014 by MissHuntress

    I am offering a request for ONE character only. With the request, I will make these cute little idle sprites for free. All you have to do is link me a character here and I will decide. And please, no overly-detailed characters ;-; they are difficult to pixelate.


    Starfall Idle Sprite

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