Recently, I have created another character that is a purple-blooded Verdesiodan(which carries the ability to teleport into different voids and wormholes). The problem is, I'm ironically running out of original name ideas. This one is pretty hard because this character has NO GENDER. This character can be reffered to as "he" or "she". Here's what I have oh her so far.


Drawn By MissHuntress

Name: ???

Age: ???

Gender: Experience(internet high-five if you get the ref)

Species: Verdesiodan(Purple-blood)

Subspecies: Wolf

Personality: He is found to be a bit serious in situatuons. But most of the time she likes to be immature and mess around with others. But to his close friends/teammates or fellow verdesiodans(or the ones who deserve respect), she will show true altruism towards them.



-Close Combat skills

-Excellent Aiming Stability

-Acrobatic Skills

Extra Notes:

-Has implants, made by Odyssey Cardiopath, to imporve his skills. Without them, he'd tire out easily

-Has a specific gender, but feels comfortable and well-balanced to not have one

-Usually pressure points(the knockout thingy) others just for the fun of it