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  • Ohioruth

    Shipping Meme 1

    December 6, 2014 by Ohioruth

    Aliza the Hedgehog:

    [X ] Dusk x Aliza the Hedgehog (Duskiza)

    [ ] Aliza is asexual/aromantic.

    Anti Amanita the Dove:

    [x ] Anti Jet the Hawk x Anti Amanita (just made up this ship on the spot)

    [ ] Anti Amanita is asexual/aromantic.

    Blossom the Cat:

    [x ] Blossom is too young for a relationship.

    [ ] Blossom is asexual/aromantic.

    Cogs the Cat

    [ ] Ethan the Wolf x Cogs (Ethogs?)

    [ x] Cogs is asexual/aromantic.

    Dawn the Fox

    [ ] Dawn is asexual/aromantic.

    Eclipse the Cheshire Cat

    [ ] Eclipse x Cleo (Clelipse?) (I don't know if this is a ship but I just added it for kicks)

    [ x] Eclipse is asexual/aromantic.

    Emi the Etherling

    [ ] Kato the Etherling x Emi

    [ x] Sonic the Hedgehog x Emi (wat)

    [ ] Emi is asexual/aromantic.

    Faith the Dove

    [ ] Jet the Hawk x Faith (Jetith)

    [ ] …

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  • Ohioruth

    I love this wiki :D

    September 20, 2014 by Ohioruth

    I love this wiki so much

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