Vana full body shot drawn by MissHuntress

Vana is one of Drako's children, and is training to become strong. She is extremely powerful for her age, able to harness a rare energy called Red-Dark energy. She also has dreams of being a super hero, mostly because she sees her father as one.

Basic Information

Name: Vana Soulimity

Speciese: Demonweapon/Succumbus

Age: 8

Allignment: Good


Vana is the youngest child of Drako, and one of the most powerful of all his children, if not the most. Seeing as her father is a powerful demonweapon, and her mother is a powerful succumbus, this may have been meant to be so. She is currently training with her father in order to become strong.


Vana is childish, kind, caring, and completely oblivious to her parents past evil ambitions. She is very friendly with just about everyone she meets, and shows deep concern for them. She also shows a certain ambition in becoming strong in order to do good.


-Ice Cream

-Stuffed Animals





-People she cares about getting hurt




-Drako the Demonweapon (Father)

-Sutanaoki (Mother)

-Raeon Haydes (Half-Brother)

-Circe (Half-Sister)


-Able to harness and control Red-Dark energy, an extremely powerful version of darkness energy that is red, and can burn whatever it comes into contact with

-Able to fly

-Able to influence the minds of men and some women, but does not use it often, due to her little knowledge of why she even has it



-Extremely weak to her energy being drained