Vivi is an Psychic Cat created by User:MinecraftFan11onScratch.

Vivi the Cat

Base by SparBases on Deviantart


Name:Vivi Telekini Night


Species:Cat (Normally),Psychic Cat (Because Powers)

Gender:Female (Even that people cannot figure This correctly)

Alligment:Neutral or Good (this is Dependent of Herself)


Vivi can Know the Feelings of Others by her Horns on Head.Even that her Face was Hided by her Hair,she Can see what was Around Her.Vivi is very Shy,portant,have fear to Meet Strangers.But,if her Horn detect anyone Good,she lost her Shyness and Start to be next to People.If she detect Hostily,she can Have Fear and can Shake her Body.


Vivi can growls Loud in a Cute Way to Low's the Force of Oponent.Vivi also can make a Weak Telekinetic Force that May Leave her Oponent Confused.Vivi can teleport for Were She want and Also can Heal Herself.


Vivi is from a Family of Controlers of Psykonesis.Vivi,portant,being very Young,is Very Weak.

Vivi is trying to learn more about Her Powers.Someone sayed that in her Future she will be very Powerfull and a Master of Psycokiness.But,for Now,Vivi is Only in her Primary Stage.



  • Nina Telekini Night/Nina the Cat (Sister)


  • Sonic TH (Vivi Dreams to Have adventures Like Sonic)
  • Cyrus the Hedgehog (Vivi have an Bit of Fear of Cyrus,but think that is Interesing)
  • Blaze the Cat (Vivi is an Big Fan of Blaze)


  • Adolf the Hedge-Dragon (Best Friend)
  • Amir the Hedge-Dragon (Normal Friends)
  • Jin kim the Rabbit (Recent Friendship)
  • Cream the Rabbit (Canon-Character)
  • Tails the Fox (Canon-Character)
  • Freya the Coyote


  • Charmy (Canon-Character)


  • Mimic the Hedgehog (Main Enemy)
  • All the Enemy's/Rival's of her Friends


Main Theme Song

DJ Satomi - Castle In The Sky Remix 2011

DJ Satomi - Castle In The Sky Remix 2011.wmv

Stage Theme Song

Sonic Advance 2 Music Sky Cannon Act 1 Remix-0

Sonic Advance 2 Music Sky Cannon Act 1 Remix-0

Boss Theme Song

Dj satomi castle in the sky on keyboard best!

Dj satomi castle in the sky on keyboard best!


  • She have her Appearence and Powers based on the Pokémon "Ralts"