Basic Information

Name: Vulom Soulimity

Vulom talksprite

Created by MissHuntress

Species: Demonweapon/Verdesiodan(Closed Species')

Age: ?

Gender: ?


Vulom is the result of Drako the Demonweapon and Starfall the Jackal fusing together in order to become more powerful. They share a fused body, and their personalities are fused. One of them is in control of the body, while the other one talks in the back of their mind, and affects their emotions.


Vulom is very unpredictable, due to being a fusion of two very different people.


-Alchemy skills/Make simple potions

-Summon weapons (maily small duel blades or a bow and arrows) made of bones

-Collect energy from dead beings and convert it into life supporting energy for her

-Sink/Phase into the ground to travel or avoid some attacks

-Heal other's wounds when her blood has physical contact to their wound(s)

-Teleportation(barely uses it, takes up a lot of energy)

-Able to use Darkness-based Energy attacks

-Regeneration(How quickly it works depends on how much energy he puts into using it)

-Able to summon an energy-based sword

-Able to communicate telepathically

-Weak mind powers


-Vulom requires a sufficient amount of energy to stay fused, with she draws out from his own blood stream. As this is the same energy she uses to fire blasts and beams, this can go down quickly if he is not careful enough. Luckily she has plenty of energy to spare, at least for a while.

-As there are two people in the same mind, he sometimes can get confused or shift her attention off of a battle

(battle)Theme Song

Borderlands 2 (UST) - Bloodwing Boss

Borderlands 2 (UST) - Bloodwing Boss


- 'Vulom' means "dark" in dragon language, thanks Skyrim

-Fusion idea was totally not an idea from Steven Universe


Vulom full

A full body shot of Vulom, drawn by MissHuntress


Drawn by MissHuntress