War of the Powerful was written by BerrySundaeTheHedgehog and edited by User:MissAquaAnime.

Since BerrySundaeTheHedgehog became rather busy, this story was co-authored by User:MissAquaAnime and ES.

The story is now over, so no more characters can be entered for obvious reasons.

There are four sides:

-Elizabeth's Kingdom

  • Spirit The Cat (While trying to figure out the inner workings of the kingdom, she was forced to become the head of Elizabeth's guard. Still has no idea what is happening.)
  • Betha the Hedgehog (Comes from the future, joins Elizabeth without really knowing what she's done)


  • Scarabus Algato (Protects the timeline, attacks anyone who tries to mess with it)


  • Cythan Algato (Thinks Elizabeth is a pathetic excuse for royalty. He also hates her for hurting his girlfriend.)
  • Alphus DeNiro (Hates Elizabeth for messing with his homeland and stuff)
  • Professor Technik (Hates Elizabeth for forcing him to use his research in evil ways)
  • Electric Sparx (Hates Elizabeth for being a threat to the safety of the planet, or something like that)
  • Cogs the Cat (Wants the reward money for taking Elizabeth down)
  • Gemini the Fox (Also wants the reward money for taking Elizabeth down)


  • Nightmare (Trucing with Cythan and friends to take down Elizabeth, whom he absolutely despises, but he isn't technically allied with the rebellion.)
  • Janus Algato (Cythan's son from the future, doesn't really pick a side, per se)
  • Kerasim (The corrupted guardian of Mobius, he loves kids, he came out to go rek Elizabeth)
  • Timeless One/??? (Nobody knows who he is. Some say he's the stoic watcher over time itself. Others say he's a forgotten legend, waiting for his time to return.)
  • Xon (The almighty Creator, he finally got fed up and decided that it was time for Elizabeth to get rekt)

Chapter 1 - A Peaceful Tea Party (Berry-SundaeTheHedgehog) 

August, 3001.

Lissa giggled slightly as she held her tea-cup daintily in her hand, "So how is the kingdom going?" She asked, taking a sip.

"Alright, I guess." Elizabeth said with a shrug and took a gulp of her tea, "However, my guards have been seeing some rather..." Elizabeth's tone changed to something far more menacing "Suspicious mobians. Isn't that right Berry?"

She looked over to Berry who stood guarding the two princesses, "Yes, the guards have observed who seems to be some wanted mobians. Even some with two million coin bounties!" She said and finished her sentence slight frown. "Though I think the real threats are closer than you think." She snarled, eyeing Lissa down before going back to her normal cheery face. "It's about time to go your highness."

Berry smiled at Elizabeth, but as they headed out Lissa gave one last grin, "I do hope one them isn't a certain mage." She hissed before laughing in an elegant manner.

"Ugh. I hate that girl." Berry groaned on the way back to Elizabeth's kingdom, "She's always scheming something, I just know it!" She continued looking more irritated, "Anyway, are you sure you won't need me to guard you on your next G.U.N. mission?" Berry asked Elizabeth who laughed in response,

"I don't need to be baby-sat Berry, plus Shadow and the others will protect me if there's anyone who would dare to attack me."

Berry relaxed a bit, "That's true I guess." She sighed, "Have a good time."

Chapter 2 - Just A Simple G.U.N. Mission (Berry-SundaeTheHedgehog)

"What's our mission?" Elizabeth lent of Rouge's shoulder staring down at the clipboard she held,

"My favourite kind- treasure hunting." Rouge replied grinning widely,

"Don't go off taking any for yourself!" Elizabeth said, causing both of the girls to laugh.

Shadow cleared his throat, "Are we ready to go?" He said, slightly irritated.

"Yeah, but where's Omega?" Elizabeth looked around herself confused,

"Repairs. Had an oil-leak." Shadow sighed, "But we will continue this mission anyway. G.U.N. has jets set up for us. Let's go."

Elizabeth strapped on her leather seat-belt, whilst making sure her headset was functioning. "Can you guys hear me?" She asked, starting the engines.

"Sure can!" Rouge replied, "Race you to the place. It's marked on the map."

She smirked, but Elizabeth was up for the challenge"You are on!"

The two girls sped off, leaving Shadow in the dust he sighed before starting up his own engine, "Do you even know what we are looking for, Rouge?"

He questioned, but she was quick to reply, "Not really, I know it's an artifact of great power. Let's see here... It's in the shape on an eye, with a blue sapphire in the centre, how gorgeous! Oh! It's a necklace as well! How great would that look on me?"

Shadow raised his eyebrow, "It's an artifact, not some designer jewelry, Rouge!" He sighed.

"It was a joke darling." Rouge pouted, "Stop being so serious all the time."

Elizabeth's jet was the first to land, "Yes! I win!"

She shouted, making Rouge laugh,"Only because of having a head-start."

"Yeah right!" Elizabeth retorted, "I totally won."

Shadow jumped out of his jet, staring at the lush jungle that surrounded them. Crickets and birds chirped like an orchestra and the whole place felt alive. "This is the place." He pulled out a digital map, "Hey, we are close to the artifact."

Elizabeth gasped, "Oh yeah, the mission!" Brushing past a few vines, Elizabeth spotted a temple. "There it is!" She pointed, "Let's go!"

Chapter 3 - "Pathetic Excuse For Royalty" 

Cythan sat under a tree, looking forward but not focusing on what was in front of him. An arm was dangled in front of him, then another arm, and finally a head as well. Getting no reaction from Cythan, the owner of the arms and head shouted, "Hey!"

Cythan startled and focused on Wildcat hanging in front of him. He glared at her. "Get down from there, beecat." He grabbed her arm and yanked her down from the tree.

"Oof!" Wildcat crumpled onto the ground and immediately jumped to her feet, her hair covered with grass. "What are you even doing? Staring into space?" she asked, brushing some of the grass off her bangs.

"I'm thinking," Cythan corrected. "Now leave me alone."

"What'cha thinking about?" Wildcat shook grass off one of her wings.

Cythan sighed, gave in, and looked at Wildcat. "Do you know who Princess Elizabi-- er, Elizabeth is?"

Wildcat rolled her eyes. "Of course! Who doesn't know about her?!"

Cythan ignored that question. "I'm planning to take down her kingdom. She's a jerk and a pathetic excuse for royalty. Everyone would be better off without her."

"Neat!" Wildcat plopped down beside him and looked up at him. "Can I help?"

Cythan looked skeptical. "You'd be more of a hindrance than a help."

"No, I wouldn't!" Wildcat protested.

"Name one thing you can do that I couldn't do better and more easily," Cythan challenged.

"Fit through the pipeways in Elizabeth's castle to spy on her," Wildcat replied.

"I don't need to fit through pipeways. I can teleport," Cythan pointed out.

"Yea, but you have to be concentrated and know exactly where you're going," Wildcat said. "You don't know exactly where you would be going because you've never been in Elizabeth's castle before. Plus, you're unlikely to be fully concentrated if you're trying to make a battle plan. And I'm a lot smaller than you, so I can actually hide in corners instead of being spotted and killed off."

Cythan banged his head back against the tree and closed his eyes. "All right, fine. You can help me take down Elizabeth, you can crawl through pipeways. Happy?"

"For now," Wildcat replied mildly.

"Then kindly get out of here and stop distracting me before I strangle you," Cythan growled.

Wildcat decided it was time to leave. "Okay, see you later!" She flew away.

Cythan sighed in relief as his Wildcat-induced headache disappeared.

Chapter 4 - Betha's Quest

Some 50 years into the future...

Betha flipped quietly through the pages of the ancient book of the Eleweth Family History. She briefly glanced at her own uncomplete section at the end of the book, then flipped back a few pages. She settled on what had always been the most fascinating section to her; the section about Princess Elizabeth. Her namesake, and yet the most mysterious character in the entire book.

The entire section only totaled a couple pages, but Betha had read them so many times she knew them by heart. Apparently, Princess Elizabeth had risen to power at a very young age when her older brother gave up the throne. Then, before she was even a legal adult, she had been overthrown and her throne given to an older family member. She then got married to a childhood sweetheart and had a few kids, but then was assasinated before she reached her 30's.

Betha had always felt sorry for her namesake. To be murdered by some wacko before even reaching 30! It truly was horrible. Betha had asked her grandmother about the incident, but her grandmother was only a little girl at that time, and remembered nothing of her mother's death.

Betha sighed and closed the book. It's too bad that nobody could have saved Elizabeth. Her guards must have left her after she was overthrown, so she would have been totally defenseless. If only Betha could go back and save her. Then Elizabeth would have had a chance to live a good life, and maybe even continue being a princess. Hmm...

Betha jumped to her feet, then tripped over her dress and flung the book across the floor. Impractical long dresses. She clambered to her feet and replaced the book on the shelf. Then she hurried out of the room, going as fast as a princess could go, and hurried down the steps to the castle cellar. She snuck through the passage next to the crates and entered the secret room.

Oh yea, there was that too. The secret room. The only thing that remained from the era of Elizabeth since Betha's mother had completely remodeled the castle. Not to mention the most interesting place in the entire castle.

Betha was already hooked on her idea. She could go back to the past and save Elizabeth's throne! She had a fairy guide to help her. Surely the rebels who overthrew her weren't that tough. She could save Elizabeth and be back in the present before dinner.

Still excited at the idea of doing something important, Betha pulled out the big machine that was hidden in the corner. She switched it on and turned the numbers to August 3001, the season where Elizabeth was overthrown. Then, with all the foolishness of a fourteen-year-old, she hiked up her skirts and jumped into the time machine.

Chapter 5 - The Plot Thickens (ElectricSparx)

Nightmare watched from the Rift. "HM... So THe aRCHMaGuS iS GoiNG To TaKe DoWN THaT PaTHeTiC eLiZaBeTH... THe oNLY BeiNG i DeSPiSe MoRe THaN aNYTHiNG eLSe..."

Meanwhile, Janus had collected all the Time Stones in the future. "Finally," he said, "I have gathered all of the Time Stones! Maybe now I'll actually find some purpose to my life!" As he spoke, the Stones glowed, and suddenly, he was whisked through time, 50 years in the past!

Landing in a section of a random jungle, he was thankfully nowhere near anyone important. "Well, so that's what time travel is like, huh?" He said, getting up and brushing off dust. "Interesting. Perhaps the Stones sent me here for a reason..." He looked over aways, and saw a temple! "A temple? Maybe it's got something important... I should check it out." Running over to the temple, he had no idea what he was getting himself into...

Meanwhile, Scar was sleeping, when suddenly, he felt a disturbance in the flow of time. "Hmm, a disturbance. Those only happen when someone is time travelling..." He reached into his pocket, pulling out a Time Stone. It was glowing. "Yep, someone's time travelling. I better go check this out and make sure they don't try to mess with anything..." Jumping down from the tree he had been sleeping in, he ran off to go find the mysterious time traveler.

Meanwhile, Cythan was concocting a plan to raid Elizabeth's castle. But it was missing something. Cythan decided to take a trip to North Island, and visit his old friend, Professor Technik. Perhaps the professor could add that missing element to his plan. Pulling out a strange ring, he chanted a spell and threw it into the air. The ring grew to the size of a Giant Ring! Getting on the ring, he flew off towards North Island.

Up in the skies, a starfighter was flying towards North Island. But this was no ordinary starfighter. It was the starfighter owned by Electric Sparx, and Alphus happened to be hitching a ride for some reason. "You're sure it was her?" ES said to Alphus.

"Positive." Alphus replied. "Elizabeth's on North Island again. And you know what happened last time she was there! But she's got backup this time..."


"Yeah, I saw her land with some black and red hedgehog, and some bat girl. They were heading into the jungle, and that jungle contains a temple with a VERY powerful artifact." "

Hm. And Elizabeth wants this artifact for her plans of world domination, you say?"

"That's what I'm thinking."

"We'd better go tell Technik all of this... Hey, isn't that Cythan down there?"

"What's he doing flying towards North Island?"

"I wouldn't know. But we'll meet up with him when we land there. Hang on tight, Alphus!"

Chapter 6 - Time-Traveling Princess 

August 3001.

Betha clambered out of the time machine. At first, she thought it hadn't worked. She was still in the secret room. But then she looked over and saw that the placement of some of the objects in the room was different. She really had gone back in time! She scrambled out of the secret room and up the stairs.

The castle walls were in bad condition, a sharp contrast to the clean walls of the castle in the present. She headed down the hall and stopped. Where would the princess be? In her throne room? In her bedroom? She decided to look in the throne room first and headed in that direction.

The throne room was a messy, dirtied room, and Elizabeth wasn't there. Betha gently shut the doors and headed towards the dining room to look in there. Before she could continue, however, she was grabbed by a pink hedgehog in a colorful outfit and held in place. "Who are you?" the girl demanded. "I haven't seen you around here before."

Betha squinted. Was this Princess Elizabeth? If so, she certainly was strong. "Uhh... Are you Princess Elizabeth?" she asked as politely as possible.

"No, my name is Berry-Sundae. I am the leader of the royal guard, and I demand to know who you are and why you are here," the girl retorted.

Betha brushed her quills out of her face. "M-My name is Betha... I came from the future in a time machine... to warn the princess of something..."

"Can you prove that you came here from the future?" Berry-Sundae asked.

"Yes... Come down into the cellar and I'll show you the time machine," replied Betha. Betha led Berry-Sundae down into the cellar and showed her the time machine. She proceeded to turn it on and flick the buttons back and forth. "This time machine is here in my timeline too," explained Betha.

Berry-Sundae inspected the time machine closely, then stepped back. "All right, I believe you," she said, looking down at Betha. "So... what was it that you would like to tell the princess?"

Betha opened her mouth to tell her, but then redecided. "No offense, ma'am, but how do I know you're really the leader of the royal guard? I would like to tell the princess personally, if you don't mind."

Berry-Sundae frowned. "All right, you may tell her in person. But she's off on a mission to find an artifact right now, so you'll have to stay here until she comes back."

Betha's heart beat faster. Did Princess Elizabeth get attacked on this mission? The book didn't say. But there was nothing she could do at this point. "Yes, ma'am. I will stay here until the princess comes back."

Berry-Sundae finally let go of Betha's collar. "I'll have one of the maids prepare a room for you." She walked away, leaving Betha in the cellar.

Chapter 7 - Searching For The Artifact  

"Ugh... why did this artifact have to be in the jungle?" whined Rouge.

"We're almost there," Shadow pointed out.

Rouge wiped her forehead with her glove. "That's good... I can't wait to get my hands on that artifact."

They reached the temple. It consisted of many pillers holding up a stone ceiling. It looked old and decayed. "Well, this doesn't look too safe," Elizabeth observed.

"We've got to go in if we're going to get the artifact," Shadow said. "So let's go." He marched into the temple. Rouge and Elizabeth followed him, a bit apprehensively.

They walked a little ways longer. Then Shadow stopped abruptly and held up his hand. "Stop. I heard something moving." The girls froze. Was it a wild animal? Shadow and Elizabeth drew their guns. Rouge crouched into a defensive position.

A small Mobian walked into their line of view, then stopped as it noticed them. Slowly, the Mobian approached them. "Hello?" the Mobian asked cautiously, keeping its distance. It advanced into a beam of light, revealing itself as a young brown hedgehog with blue eyes.

Shadow and Elizabeth dropped their guns. "It's just a kid," Shadow said with relief.

"What are you doing out here, little guy?" Rouge asked, crouching down a little to make eye contact with the hedgehog.

The hedgehog hesitated for a while. Finally, he said, "I'm... uh... just wandering around."

"You shouldn't be out here," Shadow stated. "It's not safe for kids. You should go back to your home."

"I'm fine," said the hedgehog. "Actually, I'm looking around for something."

"What are you looking for?" Elizabeth spoke for the first time, sounding a bit hostile.

The hedgehog looked surprised. "What's it to you?" He walked away a few steps.

Rouge elbowed Elizabeth. "Why so defensive? He's just a boy."

Elizabeth frowned. "I don't know, Rouge... But that boy reminds me of somebody."

"Who?" Rouge pressed.

"I don't know... I can't quite place him... But he definitely looks familar," Elizabeth replied.

Rouge shrugged. "He just looks like a kid to me. Lighten up."

Elizabeth shook her head. "Yea, okay. I'm fine. Let's go find that artifact."

Chapter 8 - Short-Lived Reunion (ElectricSparx) 

Arriving on the shores of North Island once again felt rejuvenating for Cythan. "Well, I can see why Alphus loves it here. You almost never want to leave." He heard the sound of a craft getting ready to land, so he looked up. "Well, well."

Alphus and ES hopped out of the starfighter. "Hello, Cythan." ES said, crossing his arms.

"What brings you back to North Island?" Alphus asked.

"I need the professor's help with an attack plan." Cythan replied.

"Attack plan? For what?" said ES.

"Raiding Elizabeth's castle."

"I see. We're also here to talk to the professor."

"Well, let's go then."

The three heroes proceeded towards Technik's lab.

Janus frowned. Who were these people? They didn't look like any archeologists. Perhaps he should follow them and see what was in that temple.

Hiding in the bushes, a robot beeped and blipped. It appeared to be sending a message...

Inside Technik's lab, the heroes were greeted by many robots. The professor himself walked towards the door. "Oh, hello, you three. What brings you here?"

Cythan stepped forward. "I need your help with an attack plan for raiding Elizabeth's castle."

"What?! I thought we had her sent to Prison Island?"

"Apparently they let her free if she promised to be on good behavior. But I don't buy that."

"Well, I'll help you with that attack plan then, Cythan... And what are the rest of you here for?"

Alphus crossed his arms. "Elizabeth's back on the island again."

"Oh, no." said Technik.

"Oh, is she? For what reason?" Cythan said, raising an eyebrow.


Just then, an alarm sounded. Technik ran towards the computer. "What is it? What have you found?" An image displayed on the screen showed Elizabeth, Shadow, and Rouge entering the temple in the jungle.

"I see she's brought backup this time." remarked Cythan.

"She's attempting to steal a powerful magic artifact..." said Technik.

Alphus chimed in. "I've heard the stories about that artifact. If she gets her hands on it, the world will be doomed!"

ES frowned. "Where exactly is that temple? I never saw it when I was running through the jungle."

Technik pressed a button, and a map appeared, with the location of the temple. "That's where it is. I hope you can get there soon enough."

ES smirked. "Me get somewhere late. Have you forgotten my ability to run faster than light?"

"This is no time for bragging, you must get there before Elizabeth gets her hands on that artifact."

"Gotcha." ES said, grabbing Cythan and Alphus, zooming out of the lab at lightspeed.

"Godspeed, heroes. Even you're going to need it this time." Technik thought as he concentrated on the monitor feed.

Chapter 9 - Some Extra Help 

Cogs was sitting next to a run-down wall, chatting with her boyfriend, Ethan. She noticed a strange shadow on the wall next to her. It was wiggling, with multiple legs... and... "Spider!" Cogs yelped, jumping to her feet and posing to kill it.

Wildcat burst out laughing. "Ha ha ha! Fooled ya!" She dropped to the ground and landed in a crouch.

Cogs dropped her stance and sighed. "And who are you?"

\"Name's Wildcat. Wanna join a secret rebellion?" Wildcat swung her fist.

Cogs frowned. "What kind of rebellion? Against who?"

"Against this girl named Princess Elizabeth. She's a real lousy ruler and her kingdom hates her, so me and this weird wizardy guy are gonna take her down!" Wildcat exclaimed.

"The who?" Cogs asked.

Ethan spoke up, "Isn't Princess Elizabeth the girl with the huge price on her head?"

"Elizabeth has a bounty now? Man, she's more infamous than I thought," said Wildcat, shaking her head. "Anyway, are you gonna join the rebellion or not?"

"Sure. I could use some extra cash," replied Cogs. "Ethan?"

Ethan held his hands up. "No thanks. I don't like killing girls anymore." He winked at Cogs.

Cogs rolled her eyes. "Suit yourself, ya little coward. Love ya." She blew Ethan a kiss and hurried off with Wildcat.


"Well? Where is this wizard?" Cogs asked, looking around.

Wildcat scratched her head. "He was right here by this tree..."

"Well he must have left then," Cogs said, sighing.

"But why would he leave?" Wildcat asked.

"I have no idea. I don't even know this guy," Cogs replied.

"That was a rhetorical question," Wildcat mumbled.

"Well, now what? Should we carry on this rebellion without the wizard guy?" Cogs asked.

"Why not?" Wildcat scratched 'Rebel Headcorters' into the tree. "Let's round up some more help and go raid the castle!"

Chapter 10 - Reaching The Princess 

Betha felt like pacing in worry, but like a princess should, she sat quietly on the bed with her hands in her lap. It had been at least an hour, and Princess Elizabeth still hadn't come back. Was this the attack her book had talked about? Were the rebels coming to take the castle?

She had to do something besides sit in the castle, but she didn't know what. She didn't know where the princess was, and even if she did, how could she get there? Maybe there was something in the secret room that could get her to the princess. She'd looked around the place, but she'd only been able to identify the time machine from one of her fantasy books. Besides, there might be stuff here in the past that wasn't there in the present.

Betha got up and left the room, going slowly so she would not panic. She went down to the secret room again and examined the various objects. There was a trunk that Betha didn't recognize from the present, so she opened it. Inside were several photos of a gray female hedgehog and a green male hedgehog. She didn't know what the photos were, so she replaced them and closed the trunk.

The next thing she looked at was similar to the time machine, but it had no numbers, just an on/off switch and a start/stop button. There was an odd little box attached to the side of the machine. It was labeled, 'Elizabeth DNA'. Betha frowned. She knew what DNA was, but why was it inside this box? She noticed a thick book without a cover taped to the side of the machine. She reached for it but couldn't quite get it.

"Fairy?" she asked. Her fairy, a tiny white ball with six wings, emerged from her sleeve and flew up to the paper. It tugged at the tape with its magic and finally yanked it off, dropping the book on Betha's head. Betha winced and grabbed the book off her head. "Thanks... fairy..." The fairy darted back into Betha's sleeve. Betha sighed. The fairy was a little careless, but it certainly was loyal.

Her eyes turned to the book. The cover read 'Instruction Manual for Teleporter'. A teleporter? That was good news! Betha read the book as fast as she could. In theory, the teleporter was meant to bring whatever was put in it to the person whose DNA was in the box attached to the machine... well, anyway, it was supposed to be able to teleport Betha to Elizabeth, which is what was important. Well, she'd already traveled through time today. Why not teleport as well? Betha turned the machine on, climbed in, and pushed start.

Chapter 11 - Sneaky Janus (ElectricSparx)

Janus snuck through the temple, glad it was so dark. Luckily, he had the ability to navigate in the dark. Navigating through all the corridors of the temple, he managed to come to a back exit to the room where the artifact was. "What is that?" thought Janus. "It looks important... Maybe I should--" His thoughts were interrupted when Elizabeth entered the room with Shadow and Rouge. "Uh oh, those people are here for this thing too. I better hide." Just then, he hid behind a pillar.

Scar ran through the forest until he came to the site of the time travelling. "A castle? Seems odd for a castle to be out in this area, but okay." He snuck in through one of the windows, walking down to the basement, as the glow from the Time Stone got brighter. "Yep, this is the place." He searched around until he found a time machine in the corner. "Time machine, huh? What year did this time traveller come from...?" He took a look at the time travel history. "3051? Who would be here from that era...?"

Back in the jungle, ES was wasting no time at all, running straight through the temple's entrance, through the corridors, and stopping right at the room with the artifact.

"Looks like we're just in time." Cythan straightened his gloves, contemplating whether or not to unleash his full power.

Alphus stepped right in, pointing his finger at Elizabeth. "All right Lizzy, hands off that artifact! It's not yours!" Cythan and ES soon stepped in the room afterwards.

Nightmare rubbed his hands. "THiS SHouLD PRoVe eNTeRTaiNiNG..."

Chapter 12 - Artifact Chase 

Those hedgehogs! Elizabeth clutched the artifact tighter. Not to mention that thing! "Shadow... Rouge... We need to go," she hissed, trying to stay as calm as possible.

"Who are those people?" Rouge asked.

"It's them. They want our artifact," Elizabeth snapped.

"What?" Rouge frowned.

"Stupid hedgehogs! Stupid alien!" Elizabeth hollered. "You weren't supposed to find me here!"

Her enemies exchanged amused looks. "...Seriously?" the green hedgehog, Alphus, finally said.

"Go away!!" Elizabeth screamed. "It's my--er, OUR artifact!"

Shadow glanced at Elizabeth. "What were you going to say?"

"Never mind, NEVER MIND!" Elizabeth shrieked. "Just go! Run! Those guys are gonna tear us apart!" She dashed for the edge of the temple, then stopped when she realized that her enemies blocked the way.

"Is it okay if I tear her apart?" ES asked.

"What's going on here? Elizabeth, why didn't you tell us these guys were after the artifact too? We could have worked out something more peaceful than this," Rouge said.

Elizabeth shook her head wildly. "They're too stupid to work things out!"

"What?!" ES demanded. "You're the stupid one!"

"Calm down," Cythan muttered.

"Shadow!!" wailed Elizabeth. "Chaos Control us out of here before we DIE!"

Shadow frowned, but slipped off one of his gold rings. "You better not make me regret this, Elizabeth. Chaos Control!" He, Rouge and Elizabeth disappeared.

They appeared just outside the temple. "Perfect!" Elizabeth exclaimed, slipping the artifact around her neck.

Shadow put his gold ring back on his wrist. "Now, let's move out."

"Excellent idea!" Elizabeth ran for the edge of the jungle.

There was a bright burst of purple light, and suddenly, a girl fell from the sky above them.

"What the..." Shadow muttered.

Rouge jumped up and glided to catch the girl. She put the girl gently on the ground so she could stand. "Now, how did you get here?" Rouge asked.

The girl shoved gray-and-gold quills out of her face and dusted off her dress. "Are you Princess Elizabeth?" she asked, looking at Rouge wide-eyed.

"I'm Princess Elizabeth. Why do you want me?" Elizabeth asked. "Because I'm kind of in a hurry here."

The girl looked around. "I just needed to tell you... There's going to be an attack on your life. Someone is going to take the throne from you, and later kill you."

Elizabeth frowned. "Those idiots..."

"I know because I came from the future," continued the girl. "Please, hurry and get back to your castle where you'll be safe."

"We were just doing that," Shadow said. He scooped up the girl and ran off with her. "Rouge, Elizabeth, hurry up!"


"Whew." Janus emerged from the temple, blinking in the light. He hadn't really wanted to stick around those other guys, they looked kind of intimidating.

Just then, he spotted the three people appearing next to the temple. One of the girls had the artifact. He watched closely as they hurried away from the temple. Then a girl fell out of a portal and landed on one of them. After some more talking, the four of them dashed away.

Janus frowned. Something compelled him to go after them and steal the artifact. But why? In any case, it was a pretty strong feeling. He shrugged and hurried after the four.




"ES!" Alphus protested. "Look where you're going next time!"

The three of them lay in a heap on the floor. ES had grabbed Cythan and Alphus, but unfortunately he'd stepped on a broken tile and thrown them across the room. "It's not like Elizabeth can escape," ES replied, struggling to his feet. "I can run faster than light."

"We know that," Alphus muttered, also getting up. He grabbed Cythan's hand and yanked him up. "Let's go outside and see if we can find them."

"It's not an if..." ES mumbled. He grabbed Alphus and Cythan again and sped off, this time not tripping over anything.


Elizabeth babbled gibberish about owning the world to herself as the four of them ran away. None of the other three noticed it, but Janus, who was following them closely, did. Maybe this is why I need to take it, he thought. That girl wants to do evil things with its power.

So, he got ahead of the party and climbed up a tree. Then as the girl passed, he just grabbed the artifact and pulled it away.

He got away with it for about two seconds before the girl screamed, "My artifact!" She whirled around and pointed at him. "Get that boy! He has my artifact!"

Janus jumped out of the tree and ran for it. He heard the youngest girl say, "I can get him! Fairy!"

A small ball of light appeared at his right and swirled around him. He felt light-headed for a second, the world spun, and he fell over. Then the world went black.

Chapter 13 - "The Wrath of Kerasim" (ElectricSparx)

Suddenly, Cythan began to choke and shake. Alphus turned his head to Cythan. "Whoa, dude, what's wrong?" A voice that was clearly not Cythan's could be heard. "A child has been harmed... I shall not allow this!" Just then, a black ooze came out of Cythan's mouth, and formed into a vaguely hedgehog-shaped being. "Forgive me, mortals, but I have business to attend to." The being flew off in Elizabeth's direction.

Luckily for Janus, he hid the artifact pretty well before he got knocked out. No way would they ever think of looking in a secret hole in the tree. Apparently his father in this time was also on to that girl's schemes. He just hoped his father would triumph in the end.

Alphus looked at ES. "He's unconscious. Whatever came out of him must have knocked him out." ES clenched his fist. "Well, she's apparently hurt a kid, cause that thing seemed angry." "Come on, let's take him back to the professor. Maybe he can help." ES picked up the unconscious Cythan and ran off to Technik's lab, Alphus following close behind.

Back at Technik's lab, Technik pounded his fist on a table. "I knew I should have sent S.P.A.R.K to help!" Just then ES and Alphus ran through the door with Cythan. Technik turned his head. "What happened?" ES looked at Alphus, then back at Technik. "Some thing came out of his mouth and he passed out. Apparently Elizabeth hurt a kid, and that thing was angry." "Oh dear. Put him on one of the tables in the medical room, one of the robots will monitor him. In the meantime, you two go find Elizabeth and get that artifact back."

Scar looked around the area and saw a teleporter. "Hm, a teleporter. Maybe the time traveller used it." So Scar got into the teleporter, pressed the button, and was teleported away. Meanwhile, Kerasim wrote "GUESS WHO?" on one of the trees nearby Elizabeth. When she read it, she started to shake. And then Kerasim flew out of the bushes at Elizabeth, screaming, "IT'S MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

Chapter 14 - Run For It 

Elizabeth screamed and jumped out of the way of the weird creature that just tried to impale her. "AAAAGH!"

The creature turned on a dime. "How dare you hurt that child, witch."

Elizabeth looked around. "W-What? I didn't hurt that boy! It was her!" She pointed wildly to Betha, who looked very frightened.

The creature glanced at Betha for a second, then lunged at Elizabeth again. Elizabeth ducked and the creature sliced across the top of her head. She shrieked. "My hair!"

Rouge grabbed Elizabeth and yanked her away. "Who are you?" she asked the creature cautiously. "What did she ever do to you?"

"My name is Kerasim. And she hurt that child," the creature replied, gesturing vaguely to Janus.

"What?! I ALREADY TOLD YOU I DIDN"T DO IT!" Elizabeth wailed, covering the scratch on her head with one glove. "She did it! Kill her instead!" She pointed to Betha.

Betha's hands trembled. "...I didn't hurt him. He's... only unconscious."

Kerasim frowned. He turned back to Elizabeth, then slashed her across the face. "Get out of here, witch, and don't let me catch you touching a child again!"

Elizabeth ran for it, screaming the whole way, "I didn't do it! I didn't do it!"

Rouge and Shadow dashed after Elizabeth, yelling for her to wait up. Betha tried to run after them, but her dress caught in the thick vines and she fell over. Kerasim picked her up and set her on her feet. "I do not hurt children. Go on."

Betha looked up at Kerasim apprehensively, then hurried after Shadow, Rouge and Elizabeth.

Kerasim watched Betha to make sure she made it to the others, which she did. Then he formed back into the black ooze and floated away to rejoin his host body, Cythan.

As soon as Kerasim was gone, a tiny fairy with six wings emerged from a tree. It shook the bark off itself and flew after its mistress, Betha, holding the artifact.

Chapter 15 - Everyone To The Castle 

"Ugh! UGH!" Elizabeth shrieked. "That THING! It was so yucky! Ugh! There's blood everywhere! Yuck!"

"It's okay," Rouge comforted. "We'll go straight back to your castle and you can wash up. It didn't hurt you really bad, right?"

"I don't even know!" Elizabeth wailed. "I can barely see!" She pressed her gloves to her face. Her forehead and part of one eyelid were slashed up.

Shadow guided her past a clump of vines. "Look, there are the jets. Elizabeth, get in mine and I'll fly you home. Rouge, take... uh..."

Betha frowned. "...B-Betha. Princess Betha."

Shadow frowned at her mention of the word 'princess', but continued, "Rouge, put Princess Betha in your jet and take her with you. I"ll take Elizabeth in mine and we'll leave Elizabeth's behind." He helped Elizabeth into his jet and climbed into the driver's seat himself. Rouge did similarly with Betha.

Just before the jet's hatches closed, Betha's fairy zipped inside Rouge's jet and hid in the back with the artifact. The jets took off and zoomed towards Eleweth.


Cythan awoke to a splitting headache and one of Technik's robots staring at him. What just happened? He sat up slowly and put a hand to his head.

ES appeared to materialize next to him. "Oh, you're awake."

Cythan looked up at ES. "Yes."

ES disappeared and reappeared less than a second later with Alphus. "Hey Cythan," Alphus said. "Do you... uh... have any idea what the heck just happened?"

"Yea, this black thingy came out of your mouth and you passed out," ES added.

Cythan sighed. "Did anything unusual happen just before that happened?"

Alphus frowned and thought back. "Uh... I don't think so."

"I suspect it was Kerasim," Cythan said, "but I can't imagine why he'd emerge. There weren't any kids around there, right?"

"Well..." ES ventured. "When we entered the artifact room, I thought I saw a kid hiding behind a pillar, but when I looked again, he was gone."

"Something must have happened to that kid, or Kerasim wouldn't have emerged..." Cythan got off the table.

"Uh... Cythan? Mind telling us why there's black pudding living in you?" Alphus said.

Cythan shook his head. "It's a very long story. There's no time to explain it right now. What happened to the artifact?"

Alphus sighed. "We lost it."

"Well, who has it?" Cythan asked.

"Elizabeth has it, as far as we know," Alphus replied.

"Where did she go after I passed out?" Cythan asked.

ES frowned. "We didn't follow her since we were... you know... a little busy trying to take care of unconscious you."

Cythan sighed. "So you have no idea where she is."

"She's probably at her castle," Alphus pointed out. "It's like, her headquarters."

"Yea, we should check that place out first." ES grabbed the two hedgehogs and dashed off at light-speed.


Janus woke up feeling fuzzy. "Urgh..." He struggled to his feet. What just happened there? He looked around, but there was no sign of anyone. The four people and the ball of light must have left.

At least he'd hidden the artifact. He stumbled over to the tree where it was hidden and reached his hand inside. He frowned, feeling around. Where was it? Had he dropped it on the ground? He searched around on hands and knees for a little while, looking for the artifact. Finally, he was forced to conclude that someone had taken it.

Darn it. He was right back to where he started. That psycho girl probably had the artifact by now, and he was lost in the middle of a jungle in a timeline he'd never been in before. What the heck to do now?

He had no idea, so he stumbled off into the jungle in a random direction.

After wandering for miles, he came across a small clearing, where there were two indentations in the grass where jets had been, but only one jet still there. He frowned. Who would leave their jet in the middle of the jungle?

He climbed into the cockpit and found that it started right up. The computer, speaking in a friendly female voice, asked, "Hello. Would you like to go Home?"

Janus shrugged. 'Home' was as good as a place as any, right? "Yes," he said.

"Going Home," said the jet. The engines roared to life and the jet rose into the air. Janus looked out the window as the jet flew itself away.

Chapter 16 - From The Sky 

Elizabeth emerged from her room absolutely outraged. She'd cleaned up the cuts from that thing's attack, and they weren't too deep, but she'd lost the artifact! She needed its power! The citizens were getting restless. She had to control them or everything would descend into chaos.

"We have to go back," Elizabeth snapped at Shadow and Rouge as soon as she spotted them in the front hall of her castle. "We have to get the artifact."

"No!" cried Betha, running up to her. "Princess... it's not safe."

"I need that artifact," Elizabeth growled.

"Well you won't find it out there..." Betha muttered.

"What?" Elizabeth asked.

"My fairy has it," Betha said. Her fairy flew out of her sleeve, holding the artifact. "Fairy?"

The fairy flew up to Elizabeth, smacked her in the face with the artifact, then dropped it over her head. Betha put a hand to her mouth as the fairy zipped back into her sleeve. "Oh... sorry. My fairy isn't always the most graceful..."

But Elizabeth didn't care. She had the artifact now... and all the power! "No, no, it's quite all right. This is very all right..." She turned to Shadow and Rouge. "You two may go back to G.U.N. I have some... business to take care of here."

Shadow and Rouge exchanged glances. "All right... Stay safe." Shadow and Rouge left the room to head back to G.U.N. HQ.

Elizabeth touched the beautiful artifact. "And Betha... you may stay here at the castle as long as you like. I am... deeply grateful to you for saving my life, and bringing me this."

Betha blushed. "Oh, thank you. I'm... glad to help of course."

Elizabeth nodded, and was about to walk away with the artifact when there was an explosion of purple light and a hedgehog fell from the sky, landing on Elizabeth and knocking her to the ground. "Oof!" cried Elizabeth and the hedgehog simaltaneously.

Betha stared at the hedgehog, who got up calmly and looked around. "I'm sorry, I think I must have accidentally teleported to the wrong place," said the hedgehog. "I felt a disturbance in the timeline and went to find who time-traveled."

Betha looked at the ground. "Oh... that was me."

The hedgehog looked at her skeptically. "How did you time travel?"

Before Betha could reply, Elizabeth struggled to her feet and shouted, "Out of my castle, pig!"

The hedgehog looked offended. "Excuse me?"

Betha got an idea quickly. "Oh, yes, of course. I'll show him the way out!" She grabbed the hedgehog and dragged him into the castle garage.

"What are you doing?" the hedgehog asked.

"We can talk in here," Betha said, sitting down on a step and smoothing her skirts down.

"Oh." The hedgehog sat down as well. "My name is Scarabus, but please call me Scar. I protect the timeline."

"Hi. I'm Betha," Betha replied shyly.

"So... why were you time traveling?" Scar asked.

"I wanted to save Princess Elizabeth from losing her throne," she replied. "I come from the future... about 50 years into the future."

Scar chose his next words carefully. "Do you know who Elizabeth is? Do you know what she's done?"

Betha thought for a moment. "All I know is that... she was a ruler... and she got assasinated."

"Because she was a bad ruler, and a horrible person," Scar explained.

Betha's eyes widened. "Really? But... how? Why?"

Scar shook his head. "Some people are just like that."

"But..." Betha looked at her hands. "She seems so nice."

"The meanest people can pretend to be nice," Scar said. "She's only doing it to fool everyone."

Betha frowned. "I... I'm not sure I can believe it."

Scar sighed. "Even if you don't believe me now, you will soon. Elizabeth will show her true colors at some point." He got up. "Since you're not posing any threat to the timeline, I must return to my post. Good bye." He pulled a stone out of his pocket and disappeared.

Betha sat on that step for a while, thinking about what Scar had suggested. Elizabeth? Evil?

Could it even be true?

Betha probably would have sat on that step for hours, if Princess Elizabeth's jet hadn't pulled into the garage. She jumped to her feet as the jet set down and turned off its engines.

The cockpit door opened and a short Mobian jumped out. Betha squinted. It was... that boy who she'd knocked out with her fairy.

The boy looked at her. Apparently, he recognized her too. "Hey!" He ran over to her. "What's the deal, knocking me out with that thing of yours?"

Betha stumbled back. "Uh... I... I'm sorry... I didn't..." She caught herself. "I... had my fairy knock you out because... I thought Elizabeth should have the artifact. Now, I'm not so sure... I'm sorry."

The boy sighed. "So where's the artifact now?"

"Upstairs... Elizabeth has it..." Betha mumbled.

"Well... Want to help me go get it?" The boy held out his hand to Betha.

Betha blushed. "Uh... uh... s-sure." She took his hand cautiously.

"By the name, my name's Janus."


Chapter 17 - "The Attack Plan" (ElectricSparx)

Cythan and Technik leaned over a table, looking at the attack plan Cythan had devised. "Hm, it seems very good." said Technik. "I think you would be better off trying to divert her guards rather than sneaking in. Leave her completely defenseless otherwise." Cythan nodded, writing it down. "And what about you, professor? Will you go out in the field again to stop Elizabeth?" Technik grimaced. "Well, I suppose I have to now, she's gotten that artifact. I happen to have a device which could stop its power, but it's not fully finished yet." "Well, you come meet us at this point," he said, pointing to an area on the map, "and we'll all go raid the castle together." "All right then."

Cythan walked out of the lab, hovering his way down to the Cobalt Coast Zone, where Alphus and ES were. "Are we all ready to go?" asked ES. "Yeah, the professor's going to help us after he finishes a device to stop the artifact's power." said Cythan. "Then let's go!" said Alphus. The three heroes hopped into ES' starfighter and flew off towards the apparent meet-up point. Meanwhile, back at Elizabeth's castle, Janus ran up the stairs, peeking around the corner. "Coast is clear. Let's go!" He ran out into the main hall, with Betha following behind. He ran up another set of stairs before peeking down another hallway. "Uh oh, she's over there." Walking a few steps down again, he rubbed his chin. "How do you think we're going to get past her undetected?" Nightmare then decided that that was a good point to finally step in. He opened a gate out of the Rift, right next to Elizabeth. He tapped her on the shoulder, and she turned around. "Boo." he said with a smile, as she screamed in sheer terror.

Chapter 18 - The Snatch 

"IT'S... IT'S THE FEAR THINGYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" wailed Elizabeth. She ran from the room, screaming.

"That didn't work so well," Janus muttered.

Betha was shuddering next to him, staring at Nightmare. "What... is that thing..." she whispered.

"It's called Nightmare," Janus replied. "Come on, we have to follow Elizabeth and find a way to take the artifact." He and Betha snuck after Elizabeth.


Elizabeth locked herself in her room. She sighed in relief, turned around and screamed. Nightmare had opened up another portal from the Rift behind her. "Aaaagh!" She fell over the back of a chair and landed hard. "Get out of here, you beast!" Nightmare looked on, amused, as Elizabeth started chanting a spell.

Even he was surprised when Elizabeth started to close the portal. The artifact she wore was amplifying her power at least a hundred times. Nightmare and Elizabeth fought over the portal for a while. Finally, Nightmare gave in and let Elizabeth close it.

"THe MoRTaL IS STRoNGeR NoW," remarked Nightmare. "eVeN MoRe ReaSoN To HaTe HeR."


Elizabeth collapsed on her bed, gasping for breath. "Ugh, ugh, ugh! Ugh!" she shrieked, waving her hands in disgust. "Why do I keep getting attacked by horrible creatures?"

Janus and Betha peered up from the side of the bed unnoticed, as Elizabeth continued wailing. Janus looked at Betha. Betha whispered, "Fairy," and her fairy emerged from her sleeve. Betha then gestured to the artifact, and the fairy flew up and slowly began pulling the artifact over Elizabeth's head.

Elizabeth noticed the artifact rising and stopped flailing. The fairy quickly hid behind Elizabeth's arm.

Elizabeth looked around for a sign of anything suspicious. Finding nothing, she fell back and started wailing and thrashing again. The fairy resumed pulling the artifact off her, and got away with it this time, bringing it to Betha. Betha dropped it over her own head. Janus gestured to the door, and the two of them snuck out of the room.

Once outside, both of them took a deep breath. "We finally got it," said Janus.

Betha admired the artifact. "Yea..."

Janus looked at her. "Don't use any magic with that on."

Betha giggled. "I don't have any magic powers... Just my fairy."

"Well, I guess it doesn't work on you, then," Janus remarked, heading off down the hall.

Betha grabbed her skirts and hurried after him. "What do we do with it now?"

"We really ought to give it to someone who knows about that sort of thing," Janus said. "My father would know, but he's 50 years in the future."

Betha raised an eyebrow. "You came from the future too?"

Janus turned to her, stopping his walk. "Yea."

"How?" Betha asked curiously.

"I used these things called Time Stones," Janus replied. "What other ways are there to time travel?"

"I used this time machine that's here in the future," Betha explained.

Janus continued walking. "Cool... Anyway... We need to find someone who knows about artifacts."

"Maybe your dad is here in the past, but as a ten-year-old or something?" Betha suggested.

Janus stopped. "You're right! My father must be here somewhere. He's... well he's kind of special. It's hard to explain, but he doesn't age like everyone else does."

"Really?" Betha asked. "So he's probably here as an adult?"

"Yea!" Janus looked around. "I don't have any idea where he is, though."

"Me either," Betha agreed. "But if you know what he looks like, we can look for him."

"Believe me, I know what he looks like," Janus said. "He can't look that much different in the past."

"Yea. Maybe we can borrow that jet you came here in," Betha suggested.

"Good idea." The two of them headed off to the garage.

Chapter 19 - "The Party Begins... Soon" (ElectricSparx)

The three heroes landed a few feet away from Elizabeth's castle. "Well, we're here." said ES. "I see that beecat didn't even bother coming. Ha." remarked Cythan. Alphus looked around. "Well, are we going to wait for the professor, oooooor?" Just then, the jet flew out of the garage. Janus looked out the window. "Hey, wait a minute, that's my father down there!" He said, pointing to Cythan. "How do we land this thing?" He said, looking around the cockpit. "Wait, who's that flying in?" He said, pointing to Technik's ship that was flying in and landing by Cythan and friends. Technik hopped out of the ship, holding the device he was talking about. "I finished it just in time, I see!" He pointed upwards at the jet overhead. "She seems to be escaping, actually."

Cythan looked up. "That's not Elizabeth, that's two kids stealing her jet. ...Wait, why are two kids stealing her jet?" He closes his eyes and concentrates... and manages to successfully teleport on top of the jet's cockpit. "Well, that wasn't hard." Opening the cockpit, he looked at the controls for a minute, shrugged, poured water on them, grabbed Janus and Betha, and jumped off the jet. "Feather Falling." He said, allowing him to glide safely to the ground. Setting the two kids on the ground, he looked at Janus curiously. "Now, who are you?" Janus was startled for a moment, and then remembered he was in the past, before his father ever married and had children. "Well, this is going to seem crazy, but... I'm Janus Algato, your son from the future." Cythan raised an eyebrow. "I see. And what are you here for?" "Well, I got all the Time Stones in the future, and they sent me back to this time. I think that they sent me here to make sure that artifact," he points to the artifact around Betha's neck, "doesn't fall into the hands of that psycho girl." Cythan gasped. "The artifact!"

Chapter 20 - Some Guests Arrive 

Betha looked up at Cythan and nervously covered the artifact with her hands. "Um..."

Janus smiled. "He's my dad, Betha."

Betha looked at Janus. "Yea... okay..." She dropped her hands but still looked apprehensive.

Janus shrugged. "Anyway... Nice to meet you... Dad... I guess..."

"This is not the most trivial situation," Cythan agreed. "Still, I suppose we can work together until you go back to your own time."

A loud clang sounded from nearby, and all of them turned to look at the source of the noise; a drainpipe. Then the pipe was kicked open and a soaking wet gray cat crawled out. She blinked up at them. "And who are you?"

"...Rebels," Cythan finally replied.

"Really? Oh, good." The cat stood up and shook herself off, splattering water on the others. "Name's Cogs. I'm also a rebel." She glanced back into the pipe. "And so is she."

Wildcat, also totally wet, crawled out of the pipe. "Hi guys!" she exclaimed happily.

Cythan sighed. "Beecat."

"Yep! It's me!" Wildcat stood up and also shook herself off. "Although you keep pronouncing my species wrong." She smiled. "We're here to join the attack!"

"We don't need your help. We have enough," Cythan replied.

"Oh, sure you need our help. Cogs here has a Shadow Pulp that destroys people's souls!" Wildcat exclaimed, gesturing to Cogs.

"Shadow Pulse," corrected Cogs.

"Whatever. Anyway, we can help you wreck Elizabeth!" Wildcat finished.

"I have a demon living inside me that devours souls, your argument is invalid," Cythan said. "And as for you, beecat, you're far too annoying to help."

"What?!" Cogs and Wildcat demanded in unison.

"That's not even fair! My power's not a demon! It's a power!" Cogs protested. "You can't control demons!"

"We still don't need any help," Cythan replied.

"Well, fine!" Cogs exclaimed. "We'll go attack Elizabeth by ourselves!"

"Good luck with that," Alphus mumbled.

Cogs stormed off. "I'm gonna go after her..." Wildcat muttered. "But first, are you a reindeer?" She pointed rudely at ES.

ES frowned. "Uhh... no... I'm not."

"Then why do you have antlers?" Wildcat pointed at ES' antennae.

"They're not antlers. They're antennae," ES corrected.

"Oh. So you're a bug?" Wildcat frowned. "You're big for a bug."

"I'm a Sparxian. It's a type of alien. Not a bug," ES replied.

"Ohhhhh... Cool!" Wildcat flew off.

"Dad?" Janus spoke up.

Cythan looked at him. "Yes?"

Janus looked worried. "Have you seen Betha...? She's gone."

Cythan looked around. Betha was nowhere to be seen. "Oh ****."


Betha ran through the forest, clutching the artifact.

It was more powerful than she'd thought. It didn't just work on people with magic. It gave them magic.

Betha had been able... To read the others' minds. She'd seen horrible things...

Nobody should ever have this artifact. She had to hide it where it would never be found.

Chapter 21 - Loyalty (MissAquaAnime)

Berry quickly hurried to the injured Elizabeth, "Princess!" she cried out as she helped Elizabeth stand, "What happened?!" Elizabeth flicked her hair and began to fix her make-up, "Ugh. It's been dreadful. Why weren't you there?!" Berry's face formed into a frown, "I was checking out a threat in the courtyards." She tried to explain, but soon hung her head in shame dropping to her knees, "Please forgive me, your highness."

Elizabeth snarled but sighed, "Alright, whatever. What was the threat?" Elizabeth snapped as she grabbed a cup of tea a butler offered her. Berry rose from her knees, "There was a stranger entering our private property, she was armed with weapons and seemed hostile. I confronted her, and I have escourted her to our guestroom." Elizabeth spat her tea out, "You what?!" She screeched fixing up her dress which the tea had spilled all over. "She is quite friendly, I assue you Princess." Berry continued and forced a smile, "It's alright!" She tried to comfort, but Elizabeth would not listen "Alright?! Alright?! What the f*** is your problem?! She could be spy! I'm starting to question your 'loyalty'!" Elizabeth screamed, "Sometimes I wonder why you are even in this position, just because my stupid father pitied you. What a joke." Berry felt her eyes tear up, "Princess I-" Elizabeth cut her off, "Shut the f*** up ok?! You don't know what has happened to me today yet here you are letting strangers into the castle, with weapons no less! If it wasn't for the uproar it would cause, I would've fired your stupid a** years ago." Berry was full on crying now, she rubbed her eyes on her sleeve and ran off.

Feeling the tears blur her eyesight, she ran as fast as she could down the hallway. She almost reached her room when she felt someone grab her by the shoulder, she shieked a little but her mouth was soon covered by a hand. The figure dragged her into the guestroom, it was pitch black but soon the light flicked on. The sudden brightness hurt her eyes a bit, but when she adjusted she realised she was sitting on the guestroom's bed. The figure, who was seated next to her offered a tissue, "Don't cry kiddo." She suggested kindly. Berry smiled and accepted the tissue, "Oh.. It's you..." She softly spoke, which the figure responded with a wink, "Yep, just plain 'ol me. 'Ya disapointed or something?" Berry shook her head, "No, of course not." 

The figure wiped away one of Berry's tears, "Such a nice girl like ya shouldn't be crying like that." Berry smiled, but her expression soon turned sad again, "Nice? You don't even know me..." "Anyone who lets me into a castle and lets me use a sick room like this is all good in my books!" She laughed, "You know kid, you remind me a bit of who I'm looking for. She's probably about your age." Berry sniffed, "Yeah? What's she like?" The figure looked away wistfully, "She's very strong and independent. But just like you, she looks like a proper mess when she cries." The figure chuckled a little, "I wish she wasn't so independent. Maybe then she wouldn't be lost." Berry giggled, "Is she a friend?" The figure sighed, "I'm not sure if she even knows what a friend is. Either way, she's my daughter." The figure winked, "Tell ya what," she pointed to her bag "In there are some cupcakes I picked up at a bakery in this here kingdom." Berry's face lit up, "Cupcakes?!" She gasped. "You bet kiddo. I'll give you one now, I'll give you my phone number and hit me up if you see my daughter. As a reward, I'll give you another." She smiled, "Aaannd if you manage to get her back to me I'll buy you any cake in the whole shop." Berry frowned, "I'm on a strict diet though." the figure laughed, "Diet shmiet! It'll just be a little treat."

The figure ratted through her bag and pulled out a photo of her daughter, scribbled her phone number on the back and passed it to Berry. Then she pulled out a pink cupcake decorated with wild berries, Berry's face lit up as soon as she got a hold of it. "Thanks! You really cheered me up- wait what was your name?" The figure picked up her bag and answered before she left the room, "I'm Frostbite. See ya 'round!"

Chapter 22 - "Power That Cannot Be Fathomed" (ElectricSparx)

Cythan closed his eyes. "Xon d*mn it. Where did she run off to? That artifact's power will be useful against Elizabeth." He began pacing back and forth. "Perhaps she's hiding it. That was what I was going to do after we took down Elizabeth..." He pulled a strange object out of his cloakape, it looked like a flame frozen in place. "I didn't think I'd have to use this... but I suppose it would be a good time." Alphus raised an eyebrow. "What is that thing?" Cythan looked up. "It is called the Frozen Flame. It is an artifact of such power that cannot be fathomed."

"So, using that, you'd be able to easily destroy Elizabeth?" asked ES. "Yes," said Cythan, "and you all know that's exactly what I'm going to do." Janus looked at the object in half awe, half fear. How did his father get such an object? Why does he have it? Why did he never know about it before? Just then, Nightmare popped out of a portal next to Cythan. "So i HaVe HeaRD You aRe TRyiNG To TaKe DoWN THaT PaTHeTiC eLiZaBeTH... CoNSiDeRiNG THaT i DeSPiSe HeR aS WeLL, i WiLL HeLP You oN THiS oCCaSioN." Cythan raised an eyebrow. "Well, that'd be great if you'd provide your assistance in taking that pathetic princess down."

Looking from beyond, the Edge of Eternity itself, the mysterious figure known as the Timeless One watched on. "So, he does have a link to the power of Lavos..." Closing his eyes and leaning back upon his pillar, he sighed. "I can only hope he uses it wisely. Such power is dangerous, even in the right hands. Being able to destroy entire worlds, and potentially even timelines..." He opened his eyes again, and looked towards the present happenings. "Make me proud, Cythan."

Putting the Frozen Flame back in his cloakape, Cythan turned towards the door to Elizabeth's castle. "I think it's time." Everyone else turned and looked at Cythan. "Time we put this to an end. The end of Mobius' worst tyrannical ruler." He raised his scythe into the air. "THE END... OF ELIZABETH!" Everyone else cheered and started applauding. The hour of fate... upon the entire planet now.

Chapter 23 - Enter The Castle 

"DUN DUN DUN!" Wildcat shouted from above them. Everyone silenced and looked up at her. "What?" she asked. "Sleeping Wizard was making a dramatic speech!" She dropped to the ground. "Anyway, I brought some more help!"

Cythan sighed. "Could you please get it into your tiny brain that we don't need any more help?"

Wildcat shrugged. "But all these people want to help!"

"Too bad." Cythan replied.

"Well, you tell them to go home then! I'm not gonna tell 'em!" Wildcat gestured to a few Mobians sitting on the roof of the castle.

Alphus leaned close to Cythan. "Why not let them help? It can't hurt to have a few extra people."

Cythan sighed. "Okay. They can help, as long as they aren't troublesome. But I don't want any more people after these. This attack has been delayed far too long."

The Mobians on the roof jumped, climbed and flew off the roof. Wildcat gestured to each of the Mobians in turn. "Karina, Misteria, Gemini, Soul." She glanced at the last Mobian. "Oh, and Saffy, but she won't be fighting."

Saffy, carrying a huge bowl of popcorn, sat down on the ground a few feet away from the castle. "Yea, I'm just gonna watch," she said, taking a bite of popcorn.

"Thank goodness..." Cythan muttered.

"What?!" Saffy shouted. "How dare you!" She threw a handful of popcorn at Cythan.

The popcorn bounced off Cythan's armor. "All right, let's go inside. I'm guessing there won't be any guards, but knock out any that don't run away," Cythan instructed. He and the other troops advanced towards the castle.


Elizabeth looked out her window, then screamed in horror at the sight. An army of rebels was attacking the castle. She dashed downstairs and found Berry-Sundae, who was sitting in a chair finishing a cupcake.

"What are you doing?! Get the guards! The castle is being invaded!" Elizabeth screeched.

Berry-Sundae glared at Elizabeth. "No."

Elizabeth gasped. "What did you just say?!"

Berry-Sundae stood up. "I said no. I was loyal to your father, and when he died, I became loyal to you. But I don't owe you anything, and I've paid my debt to your father, who, by the way, would be ashamed of you!" She threw the cupcake wrapper in Elizabeth's face. "I quit."

"What?!" Elizabeth demanded, as Berry-Sundae walked past her. "Why... How dare you?!"

Berry-Sundae left the room without acknowledging Elizabeth's anger. Elizabeth fumed. Her head guard had left her?! What else could possibly go wrong?


Betha stumbled and tripped over a log, sprawling on the ground. She struggled to her feet and ran forward again.

She skidded to a stop as she came to the edge of a deep ravine. Slowly, she began to take the necklace off, intending to throw it into the ravine, but something stopped her from taking it off. Her arms froze, and she dropped the necklace.

The artifact glowed blue. Betha stared at it. What was it doing?

Chapter 24 - Forced Alliance (MissAquaAnime)

Spirit had been wandering the kingdom for hours, but she still could not find much about the Princess. Her people were scared to speak of her, and warned Spirit to not enter the castle. Spirit did not care less however, as she made her way towards the castle. As she approached it, she sensed strong magic but decided to investigate later. She entered the front door to see a hedgehog staring back at her. The hedgehog's eyes lit up, "Oh it's you! YES!" She giggled, to which Spirit stared with a dead pan expression, "Greetings." She said simply, walking around the hedgehog and continuing the journey. The hedgehog called after her, "WAAAAIIITTT!!! YOUR MUM WANTS YOU TO COME BACK!!!!" She yelled, but Spirit kept walking, her only response being "Interesting."

As Spirit wandered the castle she sensed dark magic from the throne room, as she entered she was met with quite a sight. The Princess sat on a grand throne, whilst many knights lined up. They wore dark armour that radiated black magic and were perfectly aligned. There must of been 50 rows of them, all lined up like an army. The Princess stared at Spirit, "You." She demanded, "Get over here. NOW."

Spirit blinked but did as told, the Princess tapped her foot annoyed. "Listen here, I'm running low on guard. So you, are going to help out." Spirit was genuinely confused, "You... Don't even... Know me?" She managed to say, but couldn't help but be lost for words. The Princess snarled, "Look kid. My guard leader has left me, so has my army with her. I REALLY DO NOT CARE." She screeched, causing Spirit to block her ears, she studied her surroundings. The guards were definitely made from dark magic and the Princess looked like she was in a rage so it would be assumed Spirit wasn't getting out of the situation to easily. She felt metal hit her skin and a sharp pain, a guard held his sword to her throat. "Now what do you say to becoming my guard leader?" The Princess scoffed as the guard's sword sliced deeper.

Spirit's wings flinched but Spirit herself stayed calm; "Fine." She said simply. Maybe she would get something out of this forced alliance.

Chapter 25 - The Raid Begins (ElectricSparx)

Cythan and his troops charged the door, breaking it down. "Well, that was easy." remarked ES. Cythan pointed his scythe. "Onwards! To the throne room!" Leading the way, he and his troops marched through Elizabeth's castle, telling anyone who wasn't capable of fighting back to flee, as the time has come for Elizabeth to be overthrown. Janus couldn't help feeling uneasy, but he trusted his father. He WAS a legendary archmagus.

Entering the throne room, Cythan pointed straight at Elizabeth. "The time has come, Elizabeth! The time for you to be overthrown!" She screamed, "OH CR*P!" and ran, telling her guards, "SAAAAAAAAAAAVE MEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Cythan looked at his army. "Kill all the guards." He looked around, then pointed at Spirit. "Except that one, she seems like she got dragged into this mess." He took out his scythe. "I'm going for the tyrant herself. One-on-one combat should prove entertaining." he said as he walked off in the direction Elizabeth ran.

As Cythan walked down the hallway, he was blinded by a flash of light as a white hedgehog emerged. "Cythan." said the hedgehog. "Xon." said Cythan. "What have you come here for?" "Nightmare and I have been speaking. We are going to lend you our mighty power in order to take down Elizabeth." Cythan scoffed. "She's fleeing like a coward, you think she'll be that hard to defeat?" "She's stronger than she seems, Cythan." "All right, fine. Wiping her from existence will do nicely." Nightmare popped out of a portal. "YeaH, HuRRy uP aND KiCK HeR *SS."

It seems Elizabeth's time is running out. What will happen next? Find out soon.

Chapter 26 - Huff Puff 

Elizabeth dashed through the halls of her castle.  "Huff... Puff..."

A gray cat dropped down from the ceiling in front of her. "Not so fast, Princess!" Cogs shouted.

Elizabeth screeched to a stop. "Get out of my way, pest!"

"Shadow Pul--" Cogs began, but Elizabeth inturrupted.

"Beauty Steal!" Cogs doubled over as Elizabeth stole some of her health and continued moving.

"Gah..." Cogs mumbled. "I hope that wizard character has some serious power..."

She looked up to see the wizard, a white hedgehog, and a black thingy who walked on two arms walking toward her. "What's happening now?"

"Heal," Cythan said, healing Cogs up. "Don't mess with Elizabeth. We have it under control." He and the others continued walking.

"The heck?" asked Cogs.


Elizabeth entered the next hall to find Wildcat lying on the floor, staring at the ceiling. "What the heck are you doing here?" Elizabeth demanded. "Get out of my way!"

"Mmm... Nah," Wildcat replied, getting up.

Elizabeth looked irritated. "Screw Kick!" She jumped up and kicked Wildcat across the room.

"Regular Kick!" Wildcat retorted, kicking Elizabeth.

Elizabeth fell over but didn't go flying. "Ha! I'm obviously more powerful than you!"

"Or you're too fat for me to kick you across a room," Wildcat suggested.

"Grrr!" Elizabeth jumped to her feet. "Screw Kick!" She jumped and smashed Wildcat into the floor. "Take that, *****." She continued moving.

Wildcat stared up at the ceiling from where she was stuck in the floor. "Now I know why she calls it, 'Screw Kick'."

She looked up as Cythan, Xon and Nightmare entered the room. "Oh, hi guys. Mind helping me out of the floor?"


The light blazed. Betha's world shook and blurred. Mistress? Mistress? came her fairy's thoughts.

"I... can't... stop... it..."

Chapter 27 - Shaky Grounds (MissAquaAnime)

Elizabeth expression changed from joy to despair as she saw the trio walk in, she fled quickly to the next room, bolting the steel door shut. Spirit was already in the room. She presumably got there when trying to escape the war that was happening around her.

Elizabeth snarled at Spirit, "What the f*** are you doing?! Fight them?" Spirit stared blankly, "Why?" She asked, to which Elizabeth scoffed, "You're the leader of my royal guard, dumb***." Spirit continued to stare, "Fighting is inconvenient. A diplomatic approach would stop any further damages." She said simply, "In addition, having a positive relationship with those that oppose you would be more useful."

Elizabeth smiled icily, "What a big mouth you have." She put on an innocent tone, "Oh but how sad would it be if your 'mother' were to perish because of that..." Spirit flinched, Elizabeth's tone returned to normal, "Listen up b****, you're walking on shaky grounds. I am a princess and a f*****g powerful one at that. I wonder how much pain I could cause your w**** mother before she is sent to hell where she belongs!" Spirit formed a snarl of her own, "Don't you dare." Elizabeth grinned, "I have her captive in the dungeon, now unless you want her to die you'll do what I f*****g say."

Spirit eyed Elizabeth down, "What if I destroy you now?" flames arose from around her and begun to circle the princess, each dashing towards her slightly every now and then as if to strike, but backing off. Elizabeth laughed, "It so happens that I sent several of my guards into the dungeon. If my life force fades, they will feel it and if that happens, they will execute her." She headed for the door, "In a few minutes those brutes will surely come. You will destroy them, or I will f*****g destroy you and your mother." She laughed maniacally, "How's that for a diplomatic approach b*****?!"

With that she closed the door, Spirit winced she would have to hold out. At least, until Frostbite can escape. She bit her lip, if she told Cythan he would most likely believe the situation, what had just occurred was not a far stretch to believe with Elizabeth's standards. However, if they confronted Elizabeth Frosbite would die. But if they didn't Elizabeth would continue her reign...

Spirit summed up the options and got ready for a fight, she was not going to lose the only family she had.

Chapter 28 - "What, You Didn't Think There Would Be A Caster Fight?" (ElectricSparx)

ES and Alphus took out the remaining guards. "Well, that was a battle!" remarked Alphus. "Indeed. Cythan needed his strength for confronting Elizabeth." said ES. "Think we should tell him we're done here?" asked Alphus. "No, he's probably getting ready for the battle. We should probably check and see if there's still people in this castle and get them out." "Oh yeah! I think I saw some guards taking someone to the dungeon." "Then that's probably a good place to look." The two of them ran down to the dungeon.

Janus scratched his head. "Well, what do I do now?" He looked around. The way he saw it, he had two choices. He could either go find his father and help him, or go help those two friends of his. He thought about it for a minute, and then headed to help ES and Alphus, as going to find his father might not be the best thing to do if he didn't want a lecture. "Hey, wait up!" He called to the two of them who were far ahead of him. Alphus turned around. "I think Cythan's future kid wants to help us." ES stopped. "Well, he'd better hurry up, then, not much time." Janus caught up to the two of them. "Okay, let's go!" Alphus said, picking up Janus, and giving him a ride on his back.

Cythan kicked down the steel door, looking around. "As expected, she flees until she can flee no more. What a coward." Spotting Spirit at the end of the room, he began straightening his gloves. "So, what's Elizabeth making you stay for? Did she promise a big reward?" He paused for a moment, then laughed. "Yeah, her giving a reward. That was a good one." He leaned against a wall. "She's probably got some good blackmailing on you. But I'm guessing you're not going to tell me what it is. At least, not without a fight first." He stood up straight and then prepared for a fight. "Heh, I suppose I'll fight you then. It might prove amusing."

Chapter 29 - The Duel (MissAquaAnime)

Spirit's tail flickered slightly as she stood still, awaiting Cythan's first move who stared her down. Wildcat stepped forward, "I should hel-" Cythan shook his head and held out his arm promptly, "Whatever 'Princess' Elizabeth is blackmailing her with she deserves a fair fight for it." Cythan stepped closer towards Spirit, "May I at least learn your name before we duel?" Spirit was quiet for a while but broke the silence by a simple whisper, "I am Spirit." Cythan got ready to fight, "Well Spirit, I am Cythan.".

Cythan adjusted his gloves, pulling them on tightly. He did not break his gaze however, observing Spirit very closely as she did the same. "This girl is pretty young," He thought, "Proves that pathetic weakling has no moral standards." Spirit; although her expression remained blank, was worried as she sensed the strong magical aura that surrounded Cythan like a suit of armour. She breathed in and finally broke the overwhelming quiet with a swift jump towards Cythan, who reacted as fast as a lightning strike, propelling into the air dodging Spirit's charge. Almost instantly Spirit tried to turn to face Cythan after his sudden movement, but she was too slow as he struck her with a gust of wind, smashing her against the wall. Wildcat yelled out, "Hey! Cythan that's a bit hars-" but was yet again cut off as Spirit revealed the blow had been blocked by her wings that had grasped the ground just as she almost hit the wall, leaving mere millimetres between her nose and the bricks. (For the Americans, a millimetre is 0.0393700787 inches)

She charged again; but this time as Cythan summoned another air gust, she teleported away from the air flow and behind Cythan, she raised her left wing and smashed down towards him, but Cythan felt her breath behind him and hastily evaded the attack, thrusting to the side then hitting her with a counter-attack using his leg, that swooped towards her legs, striking them and knocking her down. He went for another attack, curling up his right hand and thrusting for a strong punch. But the attack was blocked by her right wing that grabbed his arm and begun to compress it like a trash compactor. He promptly summoned ice that froze Spirit's tail making her flinch, causing her wing to loosen it's grip. Cythan thrusted away, he knew if he continued to let her get close to him he wasn't always going to get off so lucky despite his combat training; it wasn't everyday he faced an opponent with 4 hands.

Cythan decided it was best to end this quickly, he was not going to let the coward get away so easily. He summoned forth a burst of flames that barreled towards Spirit like raging bull illuminating the room searing it with a burst of heat, causing Wildcat to flinch. Spirit combated his flames with her own creating a battle of the flames as they struggled, attempting to overpower each other. However, Cythan's flames slowly crept towards as they were winning the battle. After a minute or so the flames had completely over-powered Spirit's engulfing her. She flung back into the wall but this time there was nothing to block the force.

Cythan stopped for a moment and stood there, he did not move closer however knowing full well this duel could not be completely over. Wildcat stuttered, still shaken from the fire, "I-i-is it over?" She stepped past Cythan and close to Spirit, who was smashed into the wall, not moving. "Don't get any closer." Cythan warned, but Wildcat waved him off and continued to approach her. Just as she only mere steps away, Wildcat froze as Spirit's tail suddenly flicked. Flames begun to arise around her body, but this time they radiated a heat blazing even the tiny flickers of flame hurt Cythan's skin. "Watch it!" He dashed towards Wildcat and summoned an earth wall just as the flames bursted out towards her. The flames surrounded them but the wall was just large and thick enough to keep them safe however, Cythan knew it wouldn't be for long.

"I'll create a corridor out of the earth to let you get away from her. But you'll have to run quickly, I don't know how long they will last." He said, but Wildcat shook her head, "No. I want to help!" Cythan stared her down, "Listen to me, with the amount of fire radiating from her body there is no way you could get close to her without your wings burning off. I can handle this." Wildcat frowned, but eventually sighed in defeat, "Fine. But only this time." Cythan nodded and summoned earth walls to temporarily block the blaze so she could escape. Wildcat swiftly escaped and made it just out in time before the walls disintegrated.

Cythan frowned, feeling the earth wall slowly crumble. The flames still hadn't stopped and were stronger than before. He doubted he could beat them, at least now. He stared at his hands, pausing for a moment. He sighed, "Now the gloves come off." He took them off and felt the immense rush of power, even so he knew the consequences of leaving them off too long. However, he was confident he could not finish this. He let down the wall then immediately combated the flames with water. Sure enough, the water doused the flames creating a loud sizzling sound. However, the flames surprisingly fought back as Spirit cried out, "You won't take her away from me!" The flames suddenly rose in power and began to fight back. Cythan noticed the flames had begun to burn Spirit's skin and realised he had to step in.

With one last once of power, Cythan rushed through the flames using his water as a shield. He teleported next to Spirit and struck her in a certain spot in the head he knew that would knock her out immediately. She fell instantly, and with that her flames died down. Cythan quickly slid his gloves back on. "Well, that was interesting."

Wildcat walked back in, "Is it over?" Cythan nodded, "But I still wonder what Elizabeth was blackmailing her for..."

Chapter 30 - "An Interlude, For Lack of a Better Thing to Have" (ElectricSparx)

Cythan looked at the unconscious Spirit. "Take her to somewhere safe." he said to Wildcat. "She could probably use some medical attention, and right now I'm drained, so I can't heal her myself." He proceeded to walk into the next room. "I expect this castle to come crumbling down when this is over, so I suggest you hurry." He stopped in the middle of the room, looking around. "Well, I suppose it's good that I brought my tea." He pulled out a thermos labelled "Mana Leaf Tea" and took a drink from it. The magical leaves used to make the tea rejuvenated him. He smiled, and continued walking, putting the thermos away. "Thanks uncle."

Alphus, ES, and Janus made their way down to the dungeon. "Phew, this place smells disgusting!" remarked Alphus as he held his nose. "Leave it to Elizabeth to treat her prisoners as poorly as she does other people..." said ES. Janus looked around in the various cells, looking at the various skeletons on the floor. He shuddered. "Those poor people... Nobody deserves a fate like that! Except for that evil girl." Alphus grimaced, looking around. "I don't see anybody here... Do you think that they're already dead?" "Doubt it," said ES, "we would have seen guards rushing to help Elizabeth by now. It's likely that they're still down here, this is a pretty big dungeon after all." Janus pointed to one of the dimly-lit cells. "I think I see someone in there who doesn't look dead!" ES walked over to the cell Janus was pointing at and tore the bars right off. "Wow," said Alphus, "I didn't know you could do that." "I have incredible strength, I just haven't needed to use it until now." said ES. "Well, come on now," he said, looking at Frostbite, "we're rescuing anyone we can before this castle's toast."

In the meanwhile, Technik was evacuating the citizens of the kingdom. "Go, go, go! When Cythan reaches Elizabeth, there's going to be massive energy spikes which will destroy at least the castle, if not the entire kingdom here!" Panicing citizens rushed towards the gates, fleeing the kingdom. Scar watched from a nearby hill. "Looks like this event is almost over. Perhaps I can get back to my nap after this."

Chapter 31 - What Now?

"'Take her somewhere safe! She needs medical attention, and I'm too drained to heal her up!'" Wildcat slowly dragged the unconscious Spirit through the halls of Elizabeth's castle, muttering to herself. "Never mind that I almost went into a coma because Sleeping Wiz decided to fight fire with fire! Oof!" She dropped Spirit and plopped down on the ground. "Stupid arm strength," she grumbled. "I need help..."

She left Spirit on the floor and left to enlist the help of another rebel.

She found Misteria sitting on the grass near Saffy, looking bored. "Hey! You!" She pointed at Misteria.

Misteria looked up. "What?"

"Are you strong?" Wildcat asked.

Misteria shrugged. "...Kind of?"

"Great. Come with me and help me drag this wounded girl out of the castle." Wildcat dashed back into the castle before Misteria could reply.

Wildcat stopped about halfway to Spirit and waited for Misteria to catch up. "Come on!"

"I'm not as fast as you," remarked Misteria.

The two of them walked (in Wildcat's case, quite reluctantly) to Spirit. Only... Spirit was gone. "Someone's stolen her!" Wildcat exclaimed.

"Or... maybe she left?" Misteria suggested.

"Either way, she's gone. Come on, we have to find her!" Wildcat dashed off again.

"Hey! Wait for me!" Misteria hollered.


Elizabeth nearly shrieked with rage. That stupid cat had lost! Inconcievable! The mage shouldn't have that much power!

Where to go now? Her only guards were in the dungeon, and she couldn't get a message to them... Berry-Sundae had deserted her, the cat had either been killed or fallen unconscious...

What to do now?

Chapter 32 - A Ritual (MissAquaAnime)

Elizabeth bit her lip so hard that a drop of crimson blood dripped down to her chin, she wiped the blood off and stared at her now blood stained finger. She had an idea, one that would surely secure victory but at a cost. She hesitated for a second, rethinking if she should act upon this plan. Elizabeth laughed maniacally, "Who cares?" She hissed, "I will send them to hell," She paused slightly giving a wicked grin, "Literally."

She reached for a lever that was hidden behind a curtain, it looked rusty but still worked as when she pulled the lever it schreeched and the ground groaned as it opened up revealing a black jewel beneath the castle. It glimmered and whispered came off it filling the room. Passed on for many generations, the jewel housed a long since forgotten mage and their dark army, only to serve at a cost.

Out of the gem climbed many soldiers, all dressed in black armour and radiating a dark magic. They circled Elizabeth as she stared into the gem, towering over her. The beings moved to make way for a black entity that appeared as a shadow-like version of Elizabeth. Elizabeth snarled, "Who are you? Why do you look like me?"

The being smiled, "I am that of you, because I manifest from your darkest desires. I came as you called." Elizabeth rolled her eyes, "Whatever. What must I do to get your strange soldier thingies to follow me into battle? Money? Slaves?" The entity laughed, "I have no need for such trivial things. You know exactly what I want." The being hissed in her ear, "Princessss." Elizabeth hesitated for a moment before snarling, "No, I know what you want but. JUST NO." The being laughed even harder, "Such a noble mobian you are. So willing to sacrifice your subjects as slaves, but as soon as you must sacrafice something you back off like a coward."

Elizabeth felt her head heat up, "I AM NOT A COWARD." She yelled, "YOU CAN HAVE MY MAGIC. OKAY?!" The being smiled yet again and held it's hand to Elizabeth's forehead and burned a marking into her. "The contract is created. I will leave them," It gestured to the creatures that filled the room, "To you." Elizabeth watched as the being stepped back into the gem and began to disappear into it, "I'll see you again to retrieve what you promised."

Chapter 33 - "O, Flame of Lavos" (ElectricSparx)

Cythan felt a wave of mysterious energy resonate through the hallways. "What was that?" He wondered. "Felt like the summoning of a dark power or something." He growled. "What is that coward up to now?" He paused for a moment, then straightened his gloves. "I'll probably need as much power as I can gather in order to wipe her from existence." He walked into the room where Elizabeth was waiting. "Hmph. What's the matter, can't hide anymore, you pathetic excuse for royalty?" Elizabeth laughed. "You might think you can beat me, Brownie, but I have one last trick up my sleeve! ARISE, MY MINIONS!" She threw her hands in the air, and the soldiers she summoned dropped onto the floor. Cythan huffed. "So you summoned these dark beings. What price did you pay, all your pathetic castle's treasures? Perhaps all the citizens you care not for as slaves? Or perhaps you, not wanting to look like the coward you are, sold your own magic? I laugh at the thought you need such a power to even try and kill me."

Elizabeth growled. "That's none of your business! But now..." She summoned a throne to her end of the room. "...I'll get some entertainment!" She said with a maniacal laugh. The demons charged towards Cythan. Elizabeth continued to laugh maniacally, screaming "DIE, MAGE, DIE!!!" Cythan pulled out his scythe and began fighting back all the soldiers. It was a losing battle, however, as the soldiers kept getting up and healing themselves after he struck them with heavy blows. Cythan kept fighting, but eventually he showed signs of getting tired, which excited Elizabeth. "YES, YES!! KILL HIM!!!" She screamed. Cythan knew he wouldn't last much longer, so he took off his gloves. "Time for some magic up in here." He said with a smirk.

Cythan began casting spells, knocking out groups of the twisted soldiers. More came and took their place, and eventually Cythan begun feeling drained. "D*mn it, I'm using up too much mana..." He pulled out his thermos of special tea again, and drank the rest of the tea that was inside, putting the thermos back into his pocket. "Much better." He said, filled up with more mana. He continued to knock down the warriors with his spells, but more continued to come, and he found himself running out of mana again. "Sh*t, I'm almost out of mana..." He groaned, much to Elizabeth's pleasure. "Not so powerful now, are you, Brownie?!" She said with a laugh. "I guess it's time I finally use this." He said, pulling out the Frozen Flame.

Elizabeth jumped out of her seat in worry. "WHAT IS THAT THING?!" She screamed in horror. Cythan held the Flame in his hands, and it opened. He then closed his eyes and begun to say something. "O, Flame of Lavos, grant me your mighty power so that I may triumph over this coward!" A mighty screech echoed throughout the room, causing Elizabeth to cover her ears. Cythan's fur began glowing orange and gold, as he received the mighty power of Lavos. "IMPOSSIBLE!" Elizabeth shrieked. "YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO HAVE THIS MUCH POWER!" She whined, having a tempertantrum like the immature brat she is. Cythan used his newly gained power to channel the power of pure destruction, shooting a beam out of his hands that disintegrated any soldier it touched. Soon, all of Elizabeth's dark warriors were all gone. "Noooooo!" She yelled, jumping out of her seat in fear. "You were supposed to lose and I was supposed to win!" She said, stomping her feet angrily. "B*tch, please. I'm full of surprises. The thought that you could ever defeat me is highly amusing!" He said with a hearty laugh. "But now, I think it's your time to lose."

Chapter 34 - "An Irritating Delay, But Nowhere Left to Run"

Elizabeth pulled a lever on the wall, springing a trap which caught Cythan unawares. "See you, loser!" She said, laughing as she ran up another staircase. Cythan growled at this, taking a couple minutes to break out of the trap. "What a coward!" He huffed. He took a look around. "Hopefully, everyone else got the castle and town evacuated." He started walking up the staircase. "At least the coward will have nowhere else to run now." Meanwhile, Elizabeth pulled open a door in the room at the top of her castle. Inside, she had been keeping the Chaos Emeralds. "I may not have my magic anymore, but I still have these!" She said, with an evil cackle. She grabbed the Emeralds and walked out into a large, arena-like room. "Now all I have to do is wait for him to come up here, and then I will destroy him! Then the people of Mobius will have no hero to save them as I take over the world! Muahahahahaha!"

Once Cythan had gotten to the top of the staircase, he looked around. "The final battle draws near. I shall soon finish this once and for all." He walked through the last door to the arena, where Elizabeth could be seen standing at the other end. "Well, well, you've finally showed up, huh, Brownie?" Cythan rolled his eyes. "Your insults are as pathetic as your cowardice." Elizabeth merely laughed at this. "You can insult me all you want as well! You know why? Because I have the power to destroy you now!" Cythan scoffed. "As if you could ever accomplish such a task." Elizabeth cackled. "Really now?" With this, she pulled out the Chaos Emeralds. "Remember how you and your pathetic friends stopped me with these? I'm gonna do the same to you now!" She cackled as she said this. Cythan laughed. "Only a god could truly destroy me." Elizabeth grinned. "Well, guess what, Brownie? With these Emeralds, I am a god! Prepare to meet your doom!" She laughed as she used the Emeralds' power to transform. Cythan merely smirked. "And you think I'm at my full power." Elizabeth scoffed. "Of course you're at your full power! You can't possibly be more powerful than me!" Cythan grinned. "Is that so? I'm not even using 10% of my full power." Elizabeth glared at him. "Impossible." She said coldly. Cythan pulled out the Frozen Flame. "Well, if you think it's so 'impossible' then I suppose I'll have to prove you wrong." He took off his gloves, holding the Flame in both hands, chanting an ancient spell. Suddenly, Cythan's body began to morph as he received the full power of Lavos. Once the transformation had completed, Elizabeth grimaced. "So what? I'm still more powerful than you!" Cythan merely grinned. "Wanna bet?"

Chapter 35 - "The Final Battle"

WOTP Final Battle


Elizabeth growled. "I'm gonna make destroying you quick so that I can get back to terrorizing people!" Cythan smirked. "Not going to happen." And with that he flew towards Elizabeth, punching her hard right in the face, sending her crashing into a wall. "Gah!" Elizabeth yelled. Cythan then came at her with a flurry of swift punches and kicks. She then grabbed Cythan's leg and threw him across the room, only for him to rebound off a pillar, sending it crashing down. Elizabeth shrieked. "My castle!" However, she was quickly silenced as Cythan kicked her in the face. "...Will be a smoldering ruin by the time I'm done here." Elizabeth growled at this, grabbing Cythan and smashing him through the roof. "Not if I can help it!" Cythan laughed. "Yep, destroy more of your precious castle. Obviously going to be how you try and defeat me."

The battle raged on for a few more minutes before a swift kick from Cythan sent Elizabeth crashing through the window. However, Cythan knew the battle wasn't over yet. He jumped out the window as Elizabeth began flying to stop her fall. Cythan then flew up and uppercutted Elizabeth, but she promptly kicked him back. People below watched in awe as the two hedgehogs duked it out, though pretty much everyone was cheering for Cythan, much to Elizabeth's dismay. Elizabeth growled. "How dare those peasants cheer for anyone other than me! I'll destroy them all!" She began to fire beams down at the crowd of people below, but Cythan swiftly punched her in the stomach, sending her flying upwards.

Elizabeth began panting, she knew she wasn't able to keep this up for long, she had to finish this now. She began charging up as powerful of a beam as she could, with Cythan merely crossing his arms below. "Perhaps I should get this fight over with..." Cythan said, as his eyes began to glow. "It is time to finish this!" He yelled, casting his ultimate spell, Armageddon. "LET DESTRUCTION RAIN FROM THE HEAVENS!" Just as Elizabeth fired her beam, orbs of pure destruction came raining down on her, hitting her into her own beam. Cythan, realizing the beam was fired, teleported down to the ground and created a magical barrier, which deflected the beam away from the crowd and at Elizabeth's castle.

Elizabeth then hit the ground with a loud THUMP, and began crawling away. "I'll be back... and I'll get my revenge on you, Cythan!" She then crawled on top of a small hill, which Cythan climbed up with the Algato flag, stepping on Elizabeth when he got to the top. "I HATE YOU!" Elizabeth screamed, trying to get Cythan off of her, but to no avail. Cythan then looked down and grinned. "Oh, look at that. You're not dead. Now you get the added bonus of suffering in a jail cell or whatever for your crimes!" Elizabeth growled as the crowd gathered around Cythan and cheered, "Hooray for Cythan!"

WOTP Ending Version

Made by MissAquaAnime


And so, Elizabeth got thrown in jail, and that day became a worldwide holiday. Cythan had no wish to rule a kingdom, so he told the people to elect somebody.

Betha and Janus went back to their own times, and all of the people who had shown up to defeat Elizabeth went back to their homes.

And everyone lived happily ever after! (Except Elizabeth.)

The end.