Yaku is an echidna made by User:VanillaTheCat. I might give her away or somethin tho... 
Yaku Redesign

Recolored from Tikal by Sasha Gorasevic, shading and coloring by me


Yaku is a calm-minded girl. She is very protective of everyone; even those she does not know. She is very kind at heart and wants to make the world a better place, even if she doesn't show it. She is very shy and anti-social, and to others she may even seem cold.


Katana, also has a crossbow but doesn't use often.


Yaku can see into the near future, and is a beginner at using dark magic (can only use basic spells though, and most are weak). She uses her future-telling powers to sense when someone is about to be in danger.


  • Yaku is Japanese for Disaster.
  • She is heavily based off of the Pokemon Absol.
  • Originally, Yaku had a different design. The moon on her forehead was a large circle, one of her
    Yaku the Echidna

    Her original design, recolored from Tikal.

    bangs were completely blue/black while the others were completely very light gray, her bracelets were blue/black and she didn't have the flame-like markings on her arms. Overall, she looked even more like Absol.
    • Her new design was made by Sasha Gorasevic, who was annoyed with how much her original design looked too much like Absol.